David Meconi

David Meconi

David Meconi is a priest and author who has authored numerous books on theology and history. He currently teaches at Saint Louis University, having previously taught at Hope College as well. Recently, David published Encyclicals in Time of Crisis: A Catholic Historical Exploration which will be released in 2019. To learn more about this renowned Church historian, explore your options here!

Early Life and Education

David Meconi holds an undergraduate degree in philosophy and a master’s in theology, before going on to earn his doctorate in ecclesiastical history at Oxford University. Since then he has worked as an assistant professor of early Christianity at Saint Louis University.

His new book, Christ Unfurled: The First 500 Years of Jesus’ Life, documents the historical events in the early Church (100-800 C.E.) and connects them to key pronouncements about Jesus found in the Gospel accounts. Additionally, it examines key ecumenical councils and theological debates that shaped those centuries.

Meconi is the director of Saint Louis University’s Catholic Studies Centre and a professor of historical theology. He has authored numerous books and articles on early Church history.

Professional Career

David Meconi is a well-known figure within the Catholic Studies department at Saint Louis University. He served as editor-in-chief of Homiletic and Pastoral Review from 2010-2022, and has authored numerous books and articles related to early Church history.

One of his greatest successes is the creation and management of the Centre for Catholic Studies at SLU, which has become the centrepiece of their growing academic programs. Not only does it house the centre, but also houses various other academic units such as College of Philosophy & Letters (for Jesuits preparing to be priests), Medieval Studies Center, SLU Fertility Care office, as well as several day-long symposia on topics like Catholic perspectives on science, religion family life human sexuality and the latest scholarly research.

Achievements and Honors

Over its two thousand year history, the Catholic Church has achieved incredible feats. From creating a calendar that works to inventing many things we take for granted today, its legacy will always remain with us.

This course will examine the theological foundation of Catholic faith and help you grow in holiness by approaching scripture and saints with confidence. Discover about the Fathers who formed Church theology and how to apply their timeless insight to your daily life today.

David Meconi, SJ a 1987 Hope College graduate and director of the Catholic Studies Center at Saint Louis University as well as editor of Homiletic and Pastoral Review are his credentials. He holds a doctorate in ecclesiastical history from Oxford and a pontifical license in patrology from Innsbruck’s University.

Personal Life

Father David Vincent Meconi, S.J., holds a doctorate in philosophy from Oxford University and holds a pontifical license in patrology from the University of Innsbruck in Austria. He currently teaches historical theology as an associate professor at Saint Louis University.

He is an outstanding teacher who always wants to assist his students. He makes learning fun, and my THEO 100 (Micah) class was one of the most engaging and rewarding experiences of college life. With his deep understanding of Catholicism as well as respect for other faiths, smarts, sense of humor, generosity of spirit – not to mention making countless friends along the way! What I appreciate most about taking his class is his genuine desire to make you the best person you can be; truly inspiring growth from within!

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