David Mensing

David Mensing

David Mensing spent much of his childhood and early adult years immersed in natural landscapes. It is this love affair with nature that drives him to share it with others, inspiring him to create art from scratch.

Mensing’s artwork employs layers of paint to suggest dynamic lighting effects and depictions of vapor and transparency. By paying close attention to specific painting principles, you can accelerate your development as an artist and take your work to the next level.

Early Life and Education

Mensing was raised in Iowa, developing an appreciation for open landscapes and wild places. When he relocated to The West as a young man, its raw beauty captured his heart.

Mensing is driven to capture and share nature’s stunning beauty through his artwork. He understands that trying to contain any moment will only serve to highlight how profoundly profound it truly is; no amount of words could ever adequately express how breathtakingly magnificent nature truly is.

Mensing is a professional artist and painter with an impressive portfolio. His paintings can be found in galleries throughout the United States and Canada, his palette-knife landscapes instantly recognizable for their vibrant color palette, delicate clouds, and depth of sky and landscape.

Professional Career

Growing up in Iowa, Mensing developed an affinity for open landscapes and wild places. His family’s regular camping, backpacking and biking trips further cemented this love of nature which eventually formed the basis of Mensing’s unique artistic perspective.

His architectural training has further deepened his appreciation of design and its relationship to shapes. Ultimately, his ambition is to discover and celebrate nature’s raw beauty with others.

The most thrilling moment of all is when you get to share your discoveries with the world. David holds that art should be an expression of delight based on truth, and has found inspiration in a wide variety of subjects. His paintings often capture the enchantment of nature’s magic.

Achievements and Honors

Mensing was raised in Iowa, surrounded by wide prairies and meticulously manicured cornfields. He developed an appreciation for open landscapes and wild places through family camping trips, backpacking adventures and bicycling excursions.

He then pursued a degree in architecture from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Drawn to The West’s raw beauty, he attended Scottsdale Artists School on full scholarship and has since studied extensively with Robert Moore of Idaho.

His paintings are a testament to his desire to explore and share the wild places he loves. As such, they are easily recognizable for their vivid color palette, delicate clouds, vivid skies, and stunning landscapes.

Personal Life

Mensing’s childhood in Iowa fostered an affinity for open landscapes and wild places. These insights were further solidified through family camping trips, backpacking excursions and biking adventures.

Mensing was drawn to The West by its vast landscape and now strives to capture and share that beauty through his paintings.

His architectural background gives him a solid platform to craft his designs, which are carefully considered to capture the spiritual experience of natural places. Each painting is given a title that accurately reflects its purpose and spiritual inspiration.

Net Worth

David Mensing has an estimated net worth of $5 million. A professional artist, he lives in Sisters, Oregon with his wife and three children and his paintings have been featured in collections and exhibitions across the US. Having studied with Robert Moore, Claude Monet, Richard Schmid, Scott Christensen, Laura Robb and Frank Lloyd Wright among others; David also mentors young artists while winning awards. David believes that captivating designs and details are crucial components to his artwork; plus his background as an architect enhances his understanding of shapes. Additionally he works as a camp director while being certified as a white-water rafting guide.

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