David Middlebrooks

David Middlebrooks Net Worth

David Middlebrooks is a professional baseball player for the Boston Red Sox. He plays third base for them.

He is a native of Texas and attended Liberty-Eylau High School in Texarkana, Texas.

He was projected as a first-round talent in the 2007 Major League Baseball draft and was selected by the Boston Red Sox in the fifth round.

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Professional Career

David Middlebrook began his career as an actor when he was twelve years old. He appeared in numerous roles and eventually achieved success as an actor.

He was an accomplished and energetic actor who enjoyed acting in various movies. Additionally, his passion for sports extended to baseball; it’s no surprise that he enjoyed such games so much.

In his free time, he enjoyed traveling and discovering new places. He was an outgoing individual with plenty of friends.

At Liberty-Eylau High School in Texas, he played shortstop and pitcher. In 2006, he won the Class 3A state championship and earned All-State honors; additionally, he ranked among the top five of his class. As a result, UCLA offered him a scholarship.

Achievements and Honors

David Middlebrook hails from an athletic family and played college basketball for the University of Oklahoma. His impressive scoring average of 21.0% ranks him 21st all-time.

He has earned numerous awards and honors throughout his life, including being named to the four-year honor roll.

David was an active member of Middlebury College’s community, working to improve both the college and surrounding areas. He possessed an infectious kindness and keen awareness of others’ needs and emotions.

He served as president of the Student Government Association for two years and also held committee roles on its Board of Directors and Executive Committee. A leader in many other campus organizations, he had a deep faith that guided his outdoor pursuits.

Personal Life

David Middlebrook is a television personality and author who has appeared on various shows such as Little Britain and Come Fly With Me.

He has also starred in multiple movies and written children’s books. A member of The Vlog Squad, his videos have been immensely successful.

David was born on April 7, 1956 in Glasgow, Montana and was assigned a Life Path Number 9 personality – this means his lifelong desire to explore new experiences is an inspirational drive.

He was married to Lara Stone from 2009 until 2015 and they had one child together, Alfred. In 2015, the couple separated and divorced the following year; Alfred would turn 10 years old the following month.

Net Worth

David Middlebrooks net worth is estimated to be $10 million, largely due to his salary as a baseball player.

He has invested in various startups and businesses, such as a baseball academy in the Dominican Republic.

His earnings from startup investments and sharp business acumen have enabled him to achieve success in his career.

He has also achieved great success as a real estate investor, purchasing multiple properties in his hometown of Texarkana, Texas.

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