David Mordecai

David Mordecai

David Mordecai has been a Visiting Scholar at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU since 2011, where he advises research activities related to RiskEcon(r) Lab for Decision Metrics @ Courant Institute.

His career has been dedicated to forensic financial engineering, industrial economics and applied risk engineering at the intersection of commercial sectors and capital markets. He has provided advice on complex municipal finance, environmental issues, structured property-casualty reinsurance and life insurance matters.

Early Life and Education

David Mordecai was born on June 7, 1751 in Margam, Glamorgan County, Wales to Moses and Elizabeth Whitlock.

Despite his poverty, he managed to attend school and eventually became a deacon at twenty-one. Subsequently, he served as curate in Brecon and Monmouth.

He acquired mastery over the Hebrew language and became a recognized authority on Jewish literature and Old Testament interpretation. He authored numerous books on this topic, cementing his place as a leading Jewish scholar.

Mordecai owned a steamship company that ran between Baltimore and Charleston during the Civil War, and he was an outspoken Unionist. When South Carolina seceded from the Union, Mordecai contributed to the war effort by arranging for his ship to transport U.S. Army Major Robert Anderson and his command from Fort Sumter to the Union fleet following its initial bombardment.

Professional Career

Over the course of his career, David has worked for numerous financial institutions. Additionally, he served as consultant to the Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund, and US Treasury Department.

He has extensive expertise in forensic economic and financial analysis, including the valuation of complex financial products. Additionally, he serves as an advisor on systemic risk issues to both US Treasury Department and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) officials.

He is currently employed as a Co-Managing Member of Numeric Partners and an advisor to the research activities at RiskEcon(r) Lab @ Courant Institute. This lab applies computational statistical tools to commercial, consumer and population-related societal trends.

Achievements and Honors

Mordecai has a distinguished career as a theatrical producer, managing director and educator. His Broadway credits include the revival of Flower Drum Song, Fences and Sixteen Wounded.

He was the founder and producing director of Indiana Repertory Theatre in Indianapolis, as well as a partner in Benjamin Mordecai Productions Inc., a theatrical producing and management firm.

He is currently an Adjunct Professor of Econometrics and Statistics at University of Chicago Booth School of Business, as well as a Visiting Scholar at Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences NYU where he advises research activities at RiskEcon(r) Lab for Decision Metrics established in 2011.

Personal Life

David Mordecai was a renowned American businessman and politician. He served as president of the New York-based advisory firm Risk Economics Inc. He also co-manages Numerati(r) Partners LLC, an analytics, technology development and commercialization firm.

He holds a Ph.D from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business with concentrations in Econometrics/ Mathematical Statistics and Economics/ Industrial Organization, serving as Adjunct Professor of Econometrics and Statistics at the school.

He is an expert in financial economics and market microstructure, particularly risk-based leverage estimation and the effects of market shocks on highly leveraged financial institutions. He has authored numerous papers and book chapters related to these topics. Furthermore, he founded and serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Risk Finance – a quarterly peer-reviewed research periodical established in 1999 that publishes original research work.

Net Worth

David Mordecai boasts a net worth of $10 million, acquired through his career in business and entrepreneurship. Currently serving as President of Risk Economics Inc. – an advisory firm based in New York – Mordecai also co-manages Numerati(r) Partners LLC, a data analytics, technology development and commercialization firm.

In 2016, he was elected to the Board of Governors of the New York Academy of Sciences, an organization founded in 1817 with over 20,000 members worldwide. Additionally, he serves on the leadership council for Black Rock Forest Consortium – a 4,000-acre natural living laboratory for field-based scientific research and education managed by twenty-three colleges and universities, public/private schools, scientific/cultural institutions.

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