David Pitcher

David Pitcher

David Pitcher was a dedicated husband and father, an affectionate brother, an enthusiastic storyteller, as well as an accomplished craftsman in woodworking and welding.

Dave was an educator who enjoyed sharing his knowledge with others and passing along his love of reading and music to others. His legacy will be greatly missed by many.

Early Life and Education

David was born in Fort Meade, Maryland to Gunter, who worked as a newspaper writer. Gunter would often bring David along when reviewing films.

David was an early fan of comic books, reading Harvey Comics’ Casper and Wendy titles at barber shops as well as Adventures of Superman.

Starting shortly after turning 12, David started exploring his dream of becoming a professional writer. He purchased The Guide to the Writer’s Market and subscribed to various similar magazines.

David attended Demarest Elementary School in Bloomfield, New Jersey before moving to Verona where he spent his adolescence. David and Keith, his best friend from junior high and first year of high school respectively, experienced bullying from homophobes that left an impactful mark on David’s views of sociopolitical issues surrounding LGBT people.

Professional Career

David Pitcher was a standout performer at his high school baseball program and has proven his talent with multiple pitches – fastball, sinker, changeup and cutter.

His crowning achievement may have been winning the World Series with his current team, the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2020. Since retiring as a player, he continues to contribute to their success by broadcasting for them and hosting MLB Network games – and remains well-respected within the sporting community as an avid baseball enthusiast rather than mere fan. Furthermore, he holds a Master of Arts in Business Administration and possesses keen insight into what drives communities forward.

Achievement and Honors

David Pitcher was renowned as a master of mechanics and mental toughness. Over his long and distinguished baseball career, he won multiple world championships as well as three All-Star selections and the American League Cy Young Award.

He was an outstanding student and pillar of his community, being honored with Accounting Alumnus of the Year honors in 2018. Additionally, he remains actively engaged with his alma mater as faculty member, assistant dean for clinical affairs and senior associate dean for clinical affairs at University of New Mexico School of Medicine. Additionally, he specialized in minimally invasive surgery while serving in other capacities as Chief Medical Officer at UNMH (the clinical arm of University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center).

Personal Life

David Pitcher had an undying love of people that was evident throughout his life. A loyal and devoted husband and father, he enjoyed spending time with family and friends camping, boating, hunting and making music.

His family and friends remain heartbroken at his passing, particularly his wife of 46 years, Martha A. (Helget) Pitcher; sons David Spring and Don Spring of Manchester as well as grandchildren Dillon Dalton Jacob Cheyne of Manchester as well as Austin and Addison Pitcher from Charleston SC.

Dave Pitcher was born March 18th 1943 to Derwood and Margaret Goodrich and will be greatly missed by Leslea (Staley) Pitcher of 60 years; their four children Pete, Karen (Rob) Scovell (Rob), Dan & Matt as well as their grandchildren Dylan Wyatt Jordan Hunter Coulson Connor as well as his siblings Zeruah Jane, Priscilla Powley(George Powley), Norman(Susan), Nancy, Zeruah Jane Priscilla(George Powley), Norman(Susan), Nancy along with several nieces & nephews /nephes/nephes/nephes/nephes/nephes/nephes/Nancy as well as numerous nieces/nepkins/nephes/nepkins/nepsons/NativeStaley/Staley/Staley/Staley/Lester/Staley); children Pete, Karen (Rob Scovell), Dan, Dan Matt; his grandchildren Dylan Wyatt Jordan Hunter Coulson Coulson Coulson/Connor plus several nieces/ nephews from Zerua Jane’s/Priscilla Powley Norman/ Nancy plus many other nieces/nephews/nephews. Connor/Connor’s. Connor; siblings Zerua Jane/Priscilla Jane/Priscilla Jane/Priscilla Powley Norman/Priscilla Powley Norman/Priscilla Powley Norman(Rob Scovell/ Rob Scovell Scovell Hunter Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Nancy Norman/Norm Norman( Susan), Norman( Susan); Nancy; and Matt as well as several nieces or nephews/ Nieces and nephews as many others who were his siblings Zerua Jane Jane/Priscilla Powley’scilla

Net Worth

David Wells, an American former professional baseball player with an estimated net worth of $20 Million. He spent 13 seasons in Major League Baseball from 1993-2000 with Toronto Blue Jays’ 1992 World Series team.

He and Nina Fisher have been happily married since 2000 and together have welcomed two beautiful sons into their family unit in San Diego, California.

He’s a huge admirer of Babe Ruth, with a tattoo featuring him on his back. Additionally, he’s an excellent partner who cares deeply for his wife’s wellbeing and always does whatever possible to ensure it.

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