David Pogue

David Pogue is a Highly Engaging Keynote Speaker

David Pogue is one of the world’s best-known technology columnists and best-selling authors, providing invaluable insights into how technology affects work, business, health and relationships between us both now and into the future. As an engaging keynote speaker, his knowledge offers invaluable perspectives into the impact of technological development on work, business, health and connections between us all.

He writes the tech column for The New York Times and presents TV science programs on PBS. Furthermore, he founded Yahoo Tech and won two Emmy awards for his television work.

Early Life and Education

David Pogue is an award-winning tech expert. A New York Times best selling author, CBS Sunday Morning correspondent, and host of 20 NOVA science shows are just some of his many accolades. From covering artificial intelligence and augmented reality to social media and mobile health he has done it all while traveling around the globe many times before eventually settling back down in Manhattan New York. Additionally he studied classical music at Yale and refined his conducting craft further honed them musical abilities he can call upon!

Searching on Google will reveal that David has amassed an estimated net worth of more than $90 Million dollars.

Professional Career

David Pogue graduated Yale with an advanced degree in music in 1985, then used it to conduct and arrange Broadway musicals for 10 years afterward. Along the way he met greats like Stephen Sondheim and John Kander; eventually writing music software tutorials to assist musicians get their work done more efficiently.

He later transitioned his career into tech, becoming a technology columnist for the New York Times and writing several how-to books. Additionally, he appeared as a technology correspondent on CBS News and CNBC; hosted NOVA ScienceNow; and served as tech critic for Yahoo Finance.

Achievement and Honors

David Pigue has dedicated his career to spreading broad knowledge with engaging wit to the general public. He writes a weekly personal technology column for The New York Times and is the author of several For Dummies books. Additionally, since 2002 he has served as correspondent for CBS Sunday Morning – receiving two Emmy awards, two Webby awards, Loeb award in journalism and an honorary doctorate in music as awards.

David Pogue hosts and produces UNSUNG SCIENCE WITH DAVID POGUE, a podcast that showcases amazing scientific achievements through interviews with their creators – covering food, health, transportation and space breakthroughs all told from their perspectives.

Personal Life

David Pogue has long been recognized as an authority on all things tech. A former New York Times technology columnist and two-time Emmy award winner for his CBS Sunday Morning tech stories, as well as authoring top-selling how-to books he is an experienced tech aficionado who excels at weaving together science and technology with storytelling talent and often humor to produce entertaining tales that convey knowledge in an accessible manner.

Pogue has long been a beloved guest at Cape Symphony’s Holiday on the Cape event. Here he shows his knowledge in science and technology to amaze his audiences. A recent video interview conducted with Jung-Ho Pak, Artistic Director & Conductor of Cape Symphony provides an excellent glimpse of Pogue’s incredible achievements.

Net Worth

David Pogue is a technology writer, journalist, and presenter who has made a substantial fortune through his various streams of income – currently holding an estimated net worth of $10 Million.

He is a six-time Emmy awardee for his stories on CBS Sunday Morning, an NYT best-selling author, and host of 20 NOVA science specials. Additionally, he served as tech columnist at the Times for thirteen years and Scientific American columnist for 10 years.

He has written or co-written more than 120 books, such as dozens in the Missing Manual series for computers; six “For Dummies” series on Macs, Magic, Opera, and Classical Music; as well as three best-selling “Pogue’s Basics” book series covering Technology, Money, and Life tips and shortcuts. He has also presented at five TED conferences.

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