David Ramadge

David Ramadge, VP and Managing Director of eBay Australia

David Ramadge, CEO of eBay Australia, offers unique insight into what Australian shoppers are seeking and their spending habits. While consumer confidence may have taken a hit recently, David reports buyers still eagerly spend big on collectibles like Lego sets, exclusive sneakers and designer handbags.

He’s charged with leading the business through its next phase of strategy, drawing upon his relationships across global organisations, creating great experiences and his skill at motivating teams – qualities which make him ideal for this position.

Early Life and Education

Early years are of paramount importance in shaping a child’s development. From birth to eight years, experiences from these years shape brain architecture and set them on a strong course for future learning, behavior and health.

Parental guidance alone cannot fully influence a child’s development; its environment also plays a major role. Positive experiences during these early years can have lasting positive results while negative environments can have lasting negative repercussions.

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Professional Career

David Ramage is an outstanding educator with more than 25 years of experience working as a middle school music teacher, instructional coach, staff developer and assistant principal.

He holds both an MA in education and PhD in education from Penn State. At present, he works as the Director of Integration for Learning and Instruction at Pottsgrove School District in Pennsylvania.

In 2019, he was recognized by Apple as an Apple Distinguished Educator and co-authored Future Focused Leaders as well as Don’t Need Superpowers To Be a Kid’s Hero.

Ramage also enjoys architecture and construction as a hobby, founding Ramage Company 16 years ago and producing high-quality homes designed in accordance with traditional architectural forms.

Achievement and Honors

David Ramage has enjoyed an exciting and fruitful career at the University. He has held multiple high-profile positions and demonstrated exceptional leadership both professionally and in volunteer capacities. Furthermore, Ramage has received widespread acclaim for his contributions in electrical engineering; was awarded Professor of the Year; earned accolades as best professor in his College; was honored as Professor of the Year by students alike and his detailed lecture notes are beloved among his pupils. Furthermore, Ramage made significant impacts across campus life including becoming one of two Young Alumni Trustees for Yale.

Personal Life

David Ramadge has been with eBay since 2017, after spending ten years working in Silicon Valley. Now as Vice President and Managing Director for eBay Australia, his new role will involve helping drive it forward while building on past successes. David has earned himself a strong reputation among his peers as an authentic, down to earth business leader with great team spirit who enjoys creating exceptional experiences for their customers while putting people first; making him an excellent candidate to lead eBay Australia forward.

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