David Shoemake

David Shoemake

David Shoemake was born in 1905 to Robert Shoemake and Anne Shoemake in Mississippi, United States.

The Commission found him guilty of willful misconduct in office and conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice that brings the judicial office into disrepute, in violation of Section 177A of the Constitution from 1890.

Early Life and Education

David Shomake had an illustrious career in science. As an enthusiastic astrogeologist, he spearheaded the geologic mapping efforts on the Moon and had direct involvement in several of NASA’s manned Apollo programs.

David Shoemake was an accomplished chemist who authored an impressive number of papers and publications during his career. As chairman of the Chemistry department at Oregon State University from 1970 to 1981, he oversaw some of Oregon State University’s most advanced laboratory facilities. A voracious reader and charismatic public speaker, David earned praise from students and colleagues alike. When not at work, David enjoyed spending time with his beloved wife Donna Ortego Shoemake and children Amanda Fabre (Darby) and Angela Manuel; celebrating life and work of David Shomake by learning more about science through understanding its foundations.

Professional Career

David Shomake’s professional career has been one of great accomplishments. He has written and produced numerous films, such as Everything Put Together; Monster’s Ball; Finding Neverland; Stay; Stranger than Fiction; Quantum of Solace; and The Kite Runner.

He has also performed as a stage actor, taking on major roles from Shakespeare’s canon such as Mark Antony and Leontes.

His latest work, a column called “Dead Wrestler of the Week,” for Deadspin, has gone viral with over one million views. His writing about wrestling and its place in pop culture has captivated generations of fans alike.

His professional experience has taught him two essential pillars of success in life: focus and preparation, as well as an insatiable curiosity. These attributes enable him to craft successful legal strategies for his clients.

Achievement and Honors

David Shoemaker has achieved many notable accomplishments and honors throughout his life. He is an acclaimed sommelier with professional qualifications in both wine and spirits, having been named one of the Top Ten Sommeliers in China by The Drinks Business. Additionally, David belongs to numerous esteemed wine industry organizations.

He has created successful drinks programs and wine and beverage lists in numerous countries and continents, building teams that have earned numerous awards from international wine media and organizations.

He is the leader of NASA’s Gravity Science experiment on the MESSENGER mission, which has yielded groundbreaking findings about gravity on planets such as Mars. He published a gravity field for Mars that was the first high-resolution spherical harmonic model of another planet other than Earth and led the Clementine geophysics team that produced global topography and crust thickness maps of the Moon.

Personal Life

David Shoemaker was a military officer who served with the Army. Almost ten years after leaving active duty, he felt the urge to return and contribute towards combatting a novel coronavirus pandemic.

He decided to volunteer for a second tour with the Army, because he believed in its cause and wanted to contribute. His primary motivation was to make an impact on efforts made against HIV/AIDS which had already spread throughout the world.

He had a deep-seated passion for nature and was an accomplished astronomer. He discovered over 30 comets, served as principal investigator on the Apollo 11 mission’s Lunar Geology Experiment, and trained NASA astronauts for lunar field work. Additionally, he served as live TV commentator during the Apollo 11 mission and had hoped to travel to the moon one day; however health issues prevented this from occurring.

Net Worth

David Shoemake is an American editor and journalist who has amassed a substantial fortune through his work. Currently, he co-hosts The Press Box podcast and serves as editor at The Ringer magazine.

His estimated net worth is $706,467 and he earns an annual salary of $65,493 from The Ringer.

As of 2018, he is living in Los Angeles, California with a supportive and nurturing family that has guided him throughout his career.

He enjoys a large fan base and is widely recognized in the magick community. Additionally, he is an author, expert in psychology and spirituality who has authored multiple books. Additionally, he holds memberships in multiple associations.

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