David Shrader

David Shrader

David Shrager is an esteemed criminal defense attorney in Pittsburgh, PA. His experience includes cases involving DUI, drug crimes, assault, theft and more.

He’s the host of Discovery Channel’s Dodgeball Thunderdome, a reality show featuring intense dodgeball competitions where contestants must demonstrate “strategy, quick thinking and the willingness to leave everything on the field” in order to win $25K in cash prizes.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood education refers to the period of learning that occurs from birth until age eight. It’s an integral time in a child’s development, as it sets the foundations for cognitive, emotional, and physical skills.

Education is of utmost importance for children’s health and development. That is why providing them with high-quality early childhood learning experiences is so essential.

Playtime is one of the most important elements in early childhood education. This gives children a chance to interact with others and develop social skills while also exercising their imaginations.

Early childhood education is founded upon theories such as Maria Montessori and Rudolf Steiner, emphasizing a child’s innate capacity for sensorial learning. Furthermore, it’s essential that children are exposed to various environments in order to maximize their intellectual potential.

Professional Career

David Shrader is an experienced lawyer with more than two decades of expertise in personal injury cases. His clients trust him to help them obtain compensation for their losses and injuries, earning him a reputation for success.

He has extensive expertise in criminal law, and is dedicated to aiding those facing serious charges. Additionally, he takes great pride in ensuring his clients receive the utmost care and respect when representing them in court.

David’s passion for personal development inspired him to launch the Finance Career Launch podcast in 2014. Since then, this show has become a staple among financial professionals as David shares his knowledge with young professionals eager to progress their careers.

Achievement and Honors

David Shrader has made many significant advances in science and high-speed computations that have benefited a range of industries. He has received numerous honors, such as being inducted into the American Academy of Sciences, earning both his Ph.D. and receiving a Fulbright Fellowship to study at Cambridge University.

He is a renowned businessman, having owned and operated several successful companies throughout his life such as Mahar’s Ponderosa, Frontier Stone and Lakeside Farms.

He is a dedicated family man who always worked to support his children and instill strong work ethics in them. Additionally, he took great pride in volunteering his time to his community by serving on the Detroit Lakes City Council, VFW Post 1676, and Jaycees Water Carnival. Together with his wife Joan, he traveled frequently during wintertime as snowbirds.

Personal Life

David Shrader is a well-known YouTube star renowned for his humorous videos. He began his vlogging career in 2013 by posting 6-second funny videos on Vine and quickly gained an online following of over 1 million viewers.

He launched his self-titled YouTube channel in 2015, which currently boasts 13 million subscribers and earns him a substantial income from advertisements.

His parents hail from Slovakia and immigrated to Vernon Hills, Illinois in the early 2000s. His mother is an enthusiastic supporter of his videos and they enjoy a close bond.

Net Worth

David Shrader is an acclaimed television host, writer and producer who has starred in many shows. Additionally, he runs his own YouTube channel that boasts an impressive subscriber base of over 60,000.

David is a self-made internet star who has amassed an impressive net worth through his career in entertainment. His sources of income include corporate sponsorships and YouTube advertising revenue.

He has earned a substantial income from his role on reality TV show Dodgeball Thunderdome. He’s currently co-hosting the series alongside Erin Lim and former NFL player Andrew Hawkins.

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