David Shufutinsky

David Shufutinsky

Shufutinsky was born on April 13th 1948 in Moscow to a widowed mother and grandfather David Yakovlevich who took care of him until the age of five when his grandmother Berta Davidovna and grandfather David passed away.

After graduating from school, he pursued further study at the music college named after M. Ippolitov-Ivanova and earned a diploma in accordion playing. He performed with various bands (accordion ensembles) in restaurants throughout Moscow and Magadan such as “Accord” or “Leisya Pesnya”.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

David Shufutinsky, the Russian singer-songwriter, was born into a Jewish family. His father Zakhar Davidovich served in the Great Patriotic War and later went on to become a doctor.

After graduating school, he entered the Music School named after Ippolitov-Ivanov and studied there with Alla Pugacheva.

Today, Mikhail Shufutinsky is recognized as an honorable artist of the Russian Federation. He has earned numerous awards and is widely regarded as a true genius of his generation.

He is very active in his career and maintains a toned physique. Additionally, he loves travelling and exploring different countries.

Shufutinsky has a large family. He is married to Margarita and together they had two sons: David (born 1972) and Anton.

Achievement and Honors

David Shufutinsky is an Honored Artist of the Russian Federation and multiple winner of Chanson de Year award. With 20 albums to his credit, he has achieved success in all areas of music production and composition.

The musician was born into a Jewish family of Great Patriotic War veteran doctor Zakhar Davidovich and his grandmother Berta Davidovna. At five years old, his mother passed away, leaving him to be raised by his grandmother and grandfather.

At this time, he developed an interest in playing the accordion and graduated from Ippolitov-Ivanov’s music school with a specialty in coryphaeus. After performing with various bands at Moscow’s and Magadan’s restaurants (performing Alexander Vertinsky’s and Petr Leschenko’s songs), he led an instrumental band called “Leisia Pesnia”, which often sang Vyacheslav Dobrynin’s songs.

Personal Life

The singer was married only once, to Margharita Mikhailovna. During this union, two sons were born.

The family Shufutinsky immigrated to America, where they started a restaurant business. Soon they acquired considerable wealth and began touring regularly throughout the USSR.

Their children have grown up and moved away – the eldest David is currently working in Moscow as a producer, while Anton settled down in Philadelphia with his wife Brandi and family.

No matter how far apart they live, their children always feel the presence of their parents. Despite living far apart, they remain close and often attend concerts together.

Net Worth

David Shufutinsky is an acclaimed singer-musician with a remarkable career. His many hits and dedication to his craft have earned him widespread recognition throughout the industry.

He is estimated to have a net worth of $10 million. Most of his income comes from investments, his online presence, and his role with Pacific Group.

His net worth skyrocketed in 2020, when he secured several sponsorships and partnerships. This resulted in an exponential rise in his earnings, propelling him to become one of the world’s wealthiest individuals.

He also has a large family, consisting of his wife Margarita and two sons David and Anton. Although David currently resides in Moscow with his wife Angela Petrosyan, Anton recently relocated to Philadelphia with Brandy and their children.

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