David Stine

David Stine

David Stine is an American woodworker known for creating products that endure. Born in Dow, Illinois, he spent his formative years growing up on his family’s farm.

After graduating from law school, he opened a wood shop in Washington D.C. and later a furniture company that combined sustainability with traditional American craftsmanship. We provided him with brand refresh and new website for his business ventures.

Early Life and Education

Stine was raised in Bremen, Indiana by his father Jerry – an auto body repairman – and mother Nancy. After graduating from Ohio State University, Stine embarked on a career in writing.

After several years, he relocated to New York City and worked as an editor for Bananas magazine. Additionally, he contributed writing to Nickelodeon’s television show Eureeka’s Castle.

Stine’s first horror novel, Blind Date, was published in 1986 and launched his Fear Street series of books for young adults. Soon after, Stine launched the highly acclaimed Goosebumps series for children aged 8-11 that would become worldwide bestsellers.

Professional Career

David Stine, the proprietor of David Stine Woodworking and an attorney by profession, is an acclaimed furniture maker whose skillset also spans environmental sustainability issues. Combining his love for quality workmanship and sustainability with his legal training has allowed him to stand out in this field among other craftsmen.

Stine earned his undergraduate degree from Penn State University before continuing on to the George Washington University Law School in Washington, D.C. After passing the bar examination, he practiced law for one year.

After some time had passed, David Stine decided to make the kind of dramatic life change most people only dream about. He and his wife Abbajay returned home to Illinois in 2002 to start David Stine Furniture business again.

Achievements and Honors

Stine is a renowned children’s author whose books have sold more than 400 million copies worldwide. His Goosebumps series has been named Guinness World Records’ world’s best-selling book series ever, earning him widespread recognition and admiration from readers around the globe.

He is also a founding member of the Horror Writers Association, for which he has received awards for his contributions to the genre.

As Lead Pastor of DC Metro Church, he is passionate about simplifying complex theological principles so they’re easy to comprehend. He believes that living a vibrant Christian life involves taking care of one’s spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing.

David’s leadership has helped shape and direct Stine’s organization as it grows and matures. He is dedicated to ensuring all staff members receive proper training and tools so they can perform their duties competently and efficiently.

Personal Life

David Stine is an American author who writes books of various genres, such as horror and thriller. Additionally, he creates humorous stories for kids and articles.

He is best known for creating the beloved Goosebumps series of books, which have become beloved worldwide among children and become global cultural phenomenons.

David Stine has an unusual approach to his craft. He crafts one-of-a kind custom furniture out of wood from his family farm, using techniques honed over years by experience.

David Stine is a passionate Christian with an immense compassion for people. He strives to help people come to know Christ, grow in God’s house, and become transformational leaders.

Net Worth

Stine is a renowned children’s author with an estimated net worth of $200 million. He has penned hundreds of books for young adults and sold millions of copies worldwide.

He is a self-made man. He founded Stine Seed Company and licensed the genetics of corn and soybeans to major agricultural firms around the world.

He owns several real estate properties in New York City, which have enabled him to amass a substantial fortune.

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