David Teall

David Teall – A Financial Advisor Who Will Be Missed by Many

David Teall is a Financial Advisor working for Equitable Advisors LLC and has over eleven years of experience.

Vietnam and Korean war veterans joined together this Memorial Day to take care of David L. Bass’s gravesite – which had been neglected over time – which had fallen into disrepair.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood development refers to the period during a child’s life when their brains grow most quickly. It is during these years when social skills, self-esteem, perception of reality and moral ideals emerge and are formed.

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Professional Career

Teall currently manages an exceptional research and development department at a top Silicon Valley semiconductor firm. Teall’s research and development activities have landed him some of the biggest names in technology and telecom, such as Apple, IBM, and Google. He’s an acclaimed traveler with an affinity for family and friends living near and far. One of the enduring relationships in his life is with Carolyn, a Wichita State graduate in 1991 who boasts an equally impressive list of achievements. Together they share two children, an adorable dog named Rooster, and an unforgettable cat with names too long to remember! With enough free time on their hands to devote themselves fully to their philanthropy and passions.

Achievement and Honors

David is a man of many talents, but what he takes most pride in are his many volunteer roles over time. Additionally, he’s an outstanding phlebotomist and home renovator at heart; Gallagher Bassett awarded him their top-hatted most senior Vice-President Bestie award. However, David must keep an eye out for future generations of himself so he is often found at Wake Forest University or playing golf to support them!

Personal Life

David Teall was an affectionate, thoughtful individual. Always willing to lend a helping hand, he had an affinity for car repair as well as building model cars in his free time.

Teall was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 1993 and Neitzel began providing care at her home, including dressing, bathing, cooking, cleaning, bill paying and depositing stock dividend checks for her. Neitzel testified that she also took her shopping, to beauty shops and dinner. Neitzel approved health care decisions by telephone and visited Teall regularly at nursing homes while never discussing payment directly; rather she expected that some day in the future, they would receive payment for their efforts.

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