David Tharaldson

David Tharaldson – A Remarkable Individual

Gary Tharaldson grew up in a small town near Fargo, North Dakota and is today one of North Dakota’s first billionaires thanks to hotels such as Staybridge Suites.

He has invested in an ethanol plant in North Dakota, providing farmers in that state a boost.

Early Life and Education

Tharaldson was born in Dazey, North Dakota and attended Valley City State University, earning degrees in Business Administration and Physical Education while training as a bookkeeper. On his spare time he moonlighted as an insurance salesperson before eventually founding his own firm: Tharaldson Companies.

Tharaldson has created an extensive hotel empire across the nation. He is well known for his high-quality hotels and his success has earned him millions partnering with brands like Marriott. His properties span multiple states with a significant presence in Las Vegas – his portfolio includes major investments like Westward Ho hotel on the Strip; according to property records he owns an equity stake there as well. With an estimated net worth of over $1 billion and large amounts of land owned in North Dakota – Tharaldson owns his fortune is indeed impressive!

Achievement and Honors

David Tharaldson was an exceptional individual, remembered fondly by many for being a loving husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend. Additionally, he was known as an advocate for youth as well as receiving numerous honors – Pulitzer Prize as historian as well as Spur Award from Western Writers of America among them – including being survived by wife Meredith; son Erik with Rachel (his partner); daughter Laura Berg with Dan (also his partner); granddaughter Evelyn Tharaldson and Everett Berg respectively.

Personal Life

David was an incredible husband, father, and grandpa who will be greatly missed by his loved ones upon his passing on January 3, 2020. His loved ones include wife Meredith; son Erik (Rachel); daughter Laura Berg (Dan); grandchildren Evelyn Tharaldson and Will Tharaldson, Everett Berg and other family members and friends who will miss him tremendously; Howard and Ruby passed before him as did brother Howard who all preceded him into eternity. He will forever remain in our memories.

David Tharaldson was well-known for his ability to engage people and spark meaningful discussions, making him both an exceptional employee and employer. His hotel empire thrived thanks to high-quality brands and demographics that supported its growth; all employees owned shares of their company thereby contributing towards its success.

Net Worth

Tharaldson began his hospitality business by purchasing a Super 8 Motel. As it has since evolved, it has become one of the nation’s most prolific developers of new hotels; in 2006 alone he sold 130 of his properties for a whopping $1.2 billion to Goldman Sachs.

Tharaldson Companies’ founder and CEO is North Dakota’s only billionaire; he oversees hundreds of hotel locations nationwide through Tharaldson Companies. Tharaldson Companies is also a significant investor in ethanol technology; having opened one plant here as well as providing funding of $280 million towards Casselton facility’s construction.

James Goodnight was among his wealthiest friends. He amassed his fortune through software entrepreneurship; co-founding analytics software firm SAS with John Sall which now generates annual revenues of more than $3 billion.

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