David Theodosopoulos

David Theodosopoulos, Executive Producer of Hot Bench

David Theodosopoulos is the executive producer for Judge Judy Sheindlin’s syndicated court show Hot Bench. Since its fourth season’s filming began this March, he has been at the helm.

Before joining Hot Bench, Theodosopoulos held the post of senior vice president of business affairs and legal for CBS Television Distribution (CTD), overseeing all legal matters associated with CTD’s first-run productions and off-network programming available through cable or SVOD services.

Early Life and Education

David Theodosopoulos grew up in Los Angeles and spent his childhood capturing some of his favorite television shows using his father’s Super 8 camera. Ultimately he earned degrees in business and law at both USC and Penn, serving as a foundation for his successful executive producer career – one such achievement being co-creation of Hot Bench (one of TV history’s most watched courtroom shows).

Theodosopoulos has amassed an estimated net worth of $90 Million and currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife. Additionally, he is known for penning the best-selling book “Sleep With Me, Sleep with Me: A Bedtime Guide for Kids of All Ages,” which has sold over two million copies. Furthermore, he serves on various charitable boards of directors like USC Alumni Association and Pacific Coast Medical Foundation.

Professional Career

David Theodosopoulos served as SVP of business affairs and legal at CBS Television Distribution (CTD), where his primary duties included overseeing licensing arrangements for first-run productions as well as projects under development by CTD, licensing CTD original programming such as Judge Judy, Entertainment Tonight and Hot Bench and supervising legal work associated with licensing these properties.

The government also points out that Theodosopoulos’ presence at Grant’s automobile body shop garage on May 20, 1993 for their first planned exchange of money and cocaine is proof that he knew of and participated actively in this conspiracy. Furthermore, his waving of currency towards Grant at that moment demonstrated his participation further.

Achievement and Honors

David Theodosopoulos became interested in entertainment at an early age but it took him some time to break into the industry. After earning his undergraduate degree from USC and attending law school, he went on to work in business affairs for studios like Paramount Television before finally landing a role with CBS.

Today, Theodosopoulos serves as Executive Producer of Hot Bench, the syndicated courtroom show featuring three judges. After four seasons on air and earning itself an Emmy award for its technology, he also serves as Chairman of ADVA Optical Networking SE, which offers optical transport and Ethernet access solutions; their website can be found here for more details. Residing in Los Angeles with an estimated net worth estimated at $20 Million, Theodosopoulos has made himself known in Hollywood through this work and now produces Hot Bench which has earned itself an Emmy award nomination already for its impressive technology. He currently serves on ADVA Optical Networking SE’s Supervisory board as Chairman as well.

Personal Life

David Theodosopoulos is an outstanding attorney. For more than 25 years he has worked in the entertainment industry – first at Paramount Television and later CBS Television Distribution (CTD).

He served as SVP Business Affairs and Legal for CTD, overseeing all business affairs related to its first-run productions – such as Judge Judy, Entertainment Tonight and Hot Bench – as well as any projects in development.

David has served as Executive Producer of Hot Bench since March when filming of its fourth season began. Belinda Jackson – previously co-executive Producer of Divorce Court and Senior Supervising Producer of Swift Justice. has joined him this season.

Net Worth

David Theodosopoulos has worked in television for more than 25 years but still hasn’t found his dream role. A former associate at Cooper, Epstein & Hurewitz where he developed legal expertise for TV studios before joining Paramount Television as the SVP of Business Affairs and Legal.

He later joined CBS Television Distribution where he served as Senior Vice President and General Counsel of their first-run productions including Judge Judy, Entertainment Tonight and Hot Bench.

After Patricia DiMango and Tanya Acker left Hot Bench last spring to become judges on Tribunal, an Amazon Freevee panel court series, Executive Producer Theodosopoulos found himself facing an immediate dilemma: find two new judges quickly or put it on hiatus. Enter Yodit Tewolde and Rachel Juarez: both come with considerable media experience as well as having extensive legal knowledge – which helped expedite finding replacement judges quickly.

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