David Yarowsky

David Yarowsky

David Yarowsky has accomplished extensive work in Artificial intelligence, Natural language processing, speech recognition, context and parsing – particularly tying together similar fields such as Morphology in his AI research studies.

He is widely respected for his research in word sense disambiguation, minimally supervised induction algorithms in NLP and multilingual natural language processing. He has won multiple awards for this work as an active member of CL/NLP communities worldwide.

Early Life and Education

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Achievement and Honors

David Yarowsky is a pioneering expert in Artificial intelligence, Natural language processing, Speech recognition and Context fields. His contributions in these areas include multidisciplinary approaches to lexicons, minimally supervised induction algorithms and word sense disambiguation; also received recognition for work done in Morphology and Inflection; as an author he created multidisciplinary studies with topics including Translation Part of speech Classifier Thesaurus Decision list as examples.

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Personal Life

David Yarowsky is a computer scientist at the University of Pennsylvania, working within its Center for Language and Speech Processing to specialize in word sense disambiguation, minimally supervised induction algorithms in NLP, multilingual natural language processing. He earned both his bachelor’s (’87) and PhD degrees (’93) in computer and information science from Harvard University before coming to Penn for both degrees.

His main research areas include Artificial intelligence, Natural language processing, Speech recognition, Context and Parsing. He uses Artificial Intelligence studies to weave together fields like Morphology with related fields like Parsing such as Lemmatisation, Homograph and Context issues as well as investigate use of various topics like Accent Ambiguity Thesaurus to conduct his contextual investigation studies.

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