David Yurchak

David Yurchak

David Yurchak was born January 8, 1954 to Julia and George Sinopoli of Lancaster County and began working in press operations at an established family-owned company where everyone knew one another for over 40 years, the last 17 working at one.

He had many talents and interests; hunting, baseball and softball were some of his favorites; as was umpiring.

Early Life and Education

David Yurchak was raised in Erie, Pennsylvania where he graduated from Erie High School with honors. A star athlete on the diamond, he then attended University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire for his doctoral studies before earning an Associate Professor position at University of California Berkeley with core faculty membership for performance studies department. Additionally, David remains an active philanthropist and avid reader whose legacy will live on through Linda Brocious – his wife for 42 years and an incredible friend.

David was an irrepressibly playful spirit, who will be missed greatly. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends who mourn his passing; please visit his memorial website above for more details and leave your own lasting tributes in his honor.

Professional Career

David Yurchak has been an outstanding first baseman for both the New York-Pennsylvania Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers over his entire career, being selected in the 12th round from SUNY-Binghamton for both clubs. Since making the leap into professional ball he has maintained an outstanding batting line: 318/.413/.468; his only major mistake came on opening day when an inadvertent ground ball to shortstop was hit in error resulting in one mistaken hit groundball to shortstop being played that year.

Yurchak was born and educated at J.P. McCaskey High School, where he participated in Civil Air Patrol. Additionally, he worked as a stocker at A & P grocery stores in Franklin and as a custodian for Vernon Twp Board of Education in Vernon Township.

Achievement and Honors

David was an outstanding student and thoroughly enjoyed his college experience. As part of the fraternity philanthropy club, he participated in various charitable causes and even won awards for his services to others.

Jennifer, Jamie and Stephanie were his pride and joy. He is survived by his siblings Justin and Aaron as well as many special nieces and nephews.

David Yurchak loved music and sports – especially football and baseball – along with golf. His best moments came from sharing special times with family and friends he so greatly cherished; they will all miss him dearly. Magnolia Funeral Home staff is humbled to have served the Yurchak family, thanking everyone for your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

Personal Life

He was an ardent lover of Western rock music and amassed many black market recordings by groups such as King Crimson, Yes, David Bowie and Pink Floyd – collecting many black market albums from their albums through black market recordings he would find at flea markets or via friends in England. In his letters he would discuss their songs just as passionately as communism or mathematics.

Yurchak rejects this notion that rock was perceived by Soviet authorities as degenerate Western import. Instead, he believes that their state enabled alternative lifestyles by not simply accepting them but actively encouraging them.

His book provides a discursive deconstruction of late Soviet society while at the same time exploring ideas never explored before – an excellent example of “theory-informed anthropology.” While its first hundred or so pages may contain excessive theory, its remainder proves fascinating reading.

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