David Zeyen

David Zeyen

David Zeyen was born on July 30, 1940 in Indianapolis, Indiana to Herman A. and Abigail A. (Bevan) Zeyen.

He was a Democrat Party member registered in Franklin County, Ohio and worked at Snap-on Tools from 1967 until 2003 when it closed. Married for 24 years to Mary Ann, he is survived by his wife and children Gina Lentz, Steven Zeyen and Chris Hinshaw.

Early Life and Education

David Zeyen was born on July 30, 1940 in Indianapolis, Indiana to Herman and Abigail Bevan Zeyen. He earned a degree in electrical engineering from Purdue University and worked at Snap-on Tools until 1967; a lifelong tinkerer who enjoyed creating things. Tragically, David passed away June 13th 2012 at 82 years old – leaving behind behind an adoring husband and dedicated father who enjoyed fishing, hunting and playing dartball when not working. He will be sorely missed.

David understood the value of connecting with others in order to achieve success. His infectious enthusiasm made life better for everyone around him, while also being an accomplished and well-liked philanthropist who gave back through many initiatives.

Professional Career

David Zeyen is an actor who has featured on various television shows and movies. Additionally, he has featured in various commercials and corporate videos.

He is renowned for his powerful performances in films and TV shows. For this work, he has earned multiple awards.

His passion for acting stemmed from a desire to share art with others. He began in theatre, then transitioned into acting.

He believes that insatiable curiosity is the foundation of success and an essential trait. This mindset allows him to be adaptable and open-minded when faced with new ideas or experiences.

Achievements and Honors

David Zeyen was an incredibly gifted individual. He earned the highest degree in visual science from City University London and received numerous awards and accolades for his accomplishments, including the best alumnus award at his alma mater.

He was a proud dad, husband, entrepreneur and philanthropist who will be fondly remembered by his many friends and family members. Among his many accomplishments and accolades was his commitment to the Kenosha community – serving as president of the Kenosha Chamber of Commerce among other duties. Furthermore, he was an active volunteer for numerous local charities and nonprofit organizations.

He was a renowned telecommunications and technology pioneer, helping to establish Kenosha as an important city. Survived by his wife of 61 years, Lana Crossland (Howe H.S 1959 and Butler University), sons Denise and Dennis, six grandchildren, and two great-granddaughters, Mr. Crossland will always be remembered by those he touched throughout life.

Personal Life

David was a loving husband, father and grandfather who put his family before anything else. Married for 61 years to Lana Crossland (Howe H.S 1959 and Butler University), David also had many close friends whom he could count on during this time.

He was born July 30th 1940 in Indianapolis to Herman and Abigail Zeyen. He attended Cathedral Grade School and St. Lawrence grade school.

Husel’s trial had been scheduled to begin in 2017 after it was discovered he had prescribed excessive painkillers to nearly three dozen patients who died over several years. Assistant Franklin County prosecutor David Zeyen informed Judge Michael Holbrook of an agreement between Husel’s attorneys and police: reduce murder charges to reckless homicide with up to 30 years in prison and early release possible.

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