Davina Kullar

Davina Kullar’s Life After MAFS

Fans began to wonder what happened to Davina Kullar after the MAFS franchise was put on hiatus. The reality star was recently revealed to have married a new man. In an interview with People Magazine, she revealed that she and her new partner had been dating for six weeks, but haven’t shared any details. Luckily, the couple seem happy with their new relationship. Davina has since become a mother to a daughter named Ellie. The two separated from their MAFS franchise, but are now doing fine together.

Davina Kullar was conceived in England in 1980. When she was 10, she moved to the United States. Her role on A&E’s Married at First Sight made her famous. In 2015, she appeared in the second season. She was previously a Novartis and Ethicon, Inc. pharmaceutical sales representative for more than five year. Although her private life is not as public, she is clearly very busy.

Davina Kullar was reunited with Sean Varricchio after a failed marriage on Married At First Sight Season 2. Before the show’s viewers could see it, she married Sean Varricchio. The couple married within minutes of meeting at the altar. Although Davina’s marriage with Sean Varricchio disappointed many, the reality star has started a new family. She has a very happy family, and the show’s creators can rest easy knowing that she’s not going through a divorce.

Davina’s reality television show was not a happy one for her, but it was necessary for her learning what she wants in a husband. She didn’t settle for incompatible match-makers. She found her happy ending with a man who she truly loves. Married at First Sight’s experience shows that happiness is not as easy as it seems.

Davina and Sean shared a passionate kiss at altar when they got married. However, their physical relationship didn’t go beyond the altar. Davina was determined to stay in Manhattan, even though Sean is a trauma nurse working in Jackson, New Jersey. Davina and Sean had to leave Manhattan. Many wondered if they were heading for divorce.

Davina Kullar is worth between $1-5 million. She is 39 years old and earns most of her money from her role as a Reality Star. Davina is known for keeping her private life secret. She has kept all details about her marriage and divorce from her husband secret. She also keeps details about her children’s lives very private and prefers to not give them details.

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