Deena Jersey Shore Myspace

Deena Cortese on Jersey Shore

Deena Cortese, a new cast member of Jersey Shore. She describes herself as a “fucking classy chick”. Snooki Polizzi, also on the show, was her friend and she helped her get the role. Deena was a cheerleader in community college and claims to be as into GTL as the rest of the cast. She boasts that she has over 2 million followers on her Myspace page and has many racy photos and profanity-laden posts.

Cortese is from the Garden State. Her MySpace page describes her as “ADDiCTiVE and EXPENiIV3 LIKE CAINE.” Christie pointed out last month that the show had only one native New Jerseyan cast member. She added that “the show takes a bunch of New Yorkers and tries to make America feel like they’re in New Jersey.”

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