Dennis Menace Cast

Dennis the Menace Cast

If you are familiar with the classic animated series, you might be wondering who the cast was of Dennis the Menace. It was an entertaining and fun show that is still loved today. The cast included Betty White and George Kennedy. There were also many young actors who went on become big stars. Here’s a list of Dennis the Menace’s actors. Take a look!

Jay North played the titular character Dennis Mitchell on the popular children’s television series, which was based on the comic strip by Hank Ketchum. The show also followed the lives of Dennis’s parents and his neighbor Mr. Wilson, played by Joseph Kearns. Jay North was not the most happy child and felt lonely as a young actor in Hollywood. However, he was a natural and he nailed the character.

The cast also included Joey McDonald, who plays the police officer and the widow in season one. Mrs. Dorothy Holland, a neighbor, friend of George Wilson, Mr. Lawrence Finch (the drugstore owner), Mr. Krinkie (a newspaper editor) and Mr. Krinkie (the newspaper editor) were some other characters. While the majority of the cast played recurring roles in the series, some actors appeared in only a few episodes and others on many occasions.

Margaret Wade and George Wilson are the other main characters in Dennis menace. George Wilson is the neighbor of the Mitchell family. Both are offended by Dennis’ antics. He owns a Scottish terrier named Fremont. From 1959 to 1962, he was part of 101 episodes. His last appearance was on May 6, 1962 in “The Man Next Door”. After the death of Joseph Kearns’s wife, Mrs. Martha Wilson was written out of the show. Margaret Wade, the snobbish little girl that loves Dennis, is Margaret Wade.

The film’s cast is diverse. The cast includes Hank Ketcham, Dennis Rol, and Oliver Atton. Hank Ketcham, an animator, and Dennis Rol are actors. The movie is fun because both actors have their own acting styles. It’s worth watching just to see the actors in action! The film’s quirky storyline is a delight, with many twists and turns.

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