Dford Bricken

Bradford Bricken

Bradford Bricken has minimal social media presence on Fb, Twitter, and Instagram. After six years working at Abram Artists Agency, Bradford joined Bricken Leisure. During this time, he also served as the company’s supervisor. In August 2014, he joined The Cartel as a producer.

Virginia Williams and Bradford Bricken were married 31 December 2007. The couple did not disclose how they met. They struggled to have children in their early years. Nonetheless, they welcomed their first son, Bradford Powell Bricken, on 19 November 2015. They welcomed Beau Bustle Bricken, their second child, on July 4, 2017. After more than twelve years, the couple is still happily married. Interestingly, neither of their children is famous. They live a private life together and enjoy spending time together.

Bricken is currently the owner of a production company called The Cartel. He has worked alongside award-winning showrunners, animators, and artists. He was the executive producer for “Twelve Forever” on Netflix. Bradford Bricken began his career in the Abrams Artists Agency’s mailroom. He was quickly promoted to the voiceover division as an agent. After a successful run with the agency, Bricken founded his own firm, Bricken Entertainment, and was subsequently promoted to a partner. He was a graduate of the University of Tennessee.

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