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Iron Mike Ditka – Diana Ditka

Mike Ditka is an iconic NFL figure who achieved tremendous success both as player and coach – as well as making waves on television.

Robert played tight end for legendary teams such as the Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys, earning five Pro Bowl selections and six All-Pro selections before contributing to their 1963 championship win.

Early Life and Education

Iron Mike Ditka was born in Carnegie, Pennsylvania. He is a former American football player, coach, television commentator, and was honored with induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1988. He held positions with both Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears before serving as TV sports commentator on ESPN and CBS television networks; additionally owning restaurants as well as wine and sausage companies.

Ditka married Marge in 1961 and shared four children before divorcing in 1973. Later, he met Diana and they have been together ever since – avid sports fans both who travel extensively together as well as being active members in charity acts together and even running their namesake restaurant in Gold Coast Illinois together as well as starting up their wine production company in 2012 with Bill Teriato as partners.

Professional Career

Ditka is best known as the wife of former NFL football player and sports commentator Mike Ditka. However, she has earned recognition in her own right for being an esteemed businesswoman with two restaurant chains under her own management and co-owning wine and condiment companies.

Ditka played tight end for three teams during his football career – Chicago Bears, Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys – earning five Pro Bowl selections and two first-team All-Pro awards; additionally being honored with induction into both College and Pro Football Halls of Fame.

Ditka earned himself the moniker “Iron Mike” during his playing days. However, following a heart attack and subsequent stroke in 1988 – both occurring shortly before being honored with induction into the Football Hall of Fame – he later retired from coaching altogether but continues to work as an analyst on television programs today.

Achievement and Honors

In 1988, Ditka was honored to be honored with induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. A two-time Super Bowl champion himself, he is credited for revolutionizing tight end coaching techniques.

Ditka made his mark on American football with his iconic mustache and unyielding determination, becoming one of its most memorable figures. His blocking efforts earned him 427 receptions for 5,812 yards with 43 touchdowns as a tight end – this earned him entry into the Hall of Fame as the inaugural tight end.

Diana Ditka has been Ditka’s life partner and public face for 45 years now, often standing beside him during interviews and public appearances, gently correcting him with ease to add authenticity and add dialogue in their conversations. Together they run restaurants and other business ventures while raising four children together – although Ditka was previously married to Marge from 1961-1973.

Personal Life

Diana Ditka was left devastated when Mike Ditka, affectionately known as Iron Mike, suffered a heart attack shortly before being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1988. Additionally, Mike had suffered a small stroke later that same year.

Ditka played at the University of Pittsburgh from 1958-1960 as part of Sigma Chi fraternity. A three-sport athlete who started all three seasons on football as well as baseball and basketball – he even won an intramural wrestling championship during this time!

Ditka began his marriage with Marge in 1961 but they divorced four years later in 1973. Soon thereafter he wed Diane in 1977, and since then have been together doing charitable works together for over four decades.

Net Worth

Ditka has enjoyed great success both as a player and coach of the Bears, winning multiple championships while becoming widely respected radio hosts and TV commentators.

John was married to Marge from 1961 until 1973 and they shared four children together. Following that he met Diane Trantham and they have since enjoyed a very successful union together.

She is an enthusiastic supporter of Mike Ditka’s career, working well within charitable organizations over time and serving on its board. Additionally, she has raised funds for Mike Ditka Foundation as part of this commitment to charitable work.

Reports indicate that she is concerned for her husband’s health since he suffered a heart attack in 1988, which has required several hospital stays since.

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