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Jerry Blavat – The Geator With the Heater

Back then, disc jockey Jerry Blavat hosted “The Discophonic Scene.” It served as WFIL’s local version of American Bandstand and showcased all the latest dance trends as well as lip-synching singers and groups along with rapid patter from our Geator (aka: DJ Jerry).

Jerry Blavat revolutionized DJing by inventing the oldies format and still hosts radio shows today as well as running his nightclub outside Atlantic City.

Professional Career

Blavat began his career as a disc jockey after winning an hour slot at a craps game, before going on to work in Philadelphia radio and television with the Discophonic Scene show on WCAU-TV featuring young people dancing to popular hits of the day, which became syndicated to 40 markets by mid-1960s. Blavat became one of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia during this time and remained active into late 1970s while counting entertainers such as Sammy Davis Jr, Frank Sinatra and Don Rickles among his friends; he helped launch careers of Philadelphia artists such as Bobby Rydell while working in some capacity as DJ for over 50 years.

Four clips from an episode of WCAU-TV’s 1966 show, The Discophonic Scene, which later went nationwide.

Achievement and Honors

Jerry Blavat first ventured into television with radio. From 1966 – 1970 he hosted “The Discophonic Scene,” an eight-episode show on Channel 10, WCAU-TV Philadelphia which was syndicated to 40 markets nationwide by Triangle Publications; unfortunately very little footage remains today as each reel cost around $500 each!

Music industry heavyweights and local musicians would frequently meet to shoot pool, enjoy steak sandwiches from Geno’s and play blackjack at the home of Broadcast Pioneer Jerry Blavat (Geator with the Heater), who hosted The Discophonic Scene television dance show.

Personal Life

In 1965, Blavat produced and hosted “The Discophonic Scene”, his local alternative to American Bandstand on Philadelphia’s Channel 10 WCAU-TV. Triangle Publications syndicated it nationally to boost groups such as The Four Seasons and Isley Brothers. He soon earned the moniker, “The Geator with the Heater,” thanks to his knack for breaking young singers and dancers featured on the show as well as becoming an influential personality himself. His success afforded him a 22-room mansion in Philadelphia’s Overbrook section, where he would often host guests such as Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner as guests of honor. Yet with success comes difficulty, including unfounded allegations of payola as well as a volatile marriage which ultimately ended in divorce.

Net Worth

Blavat is well-known as both a DJ and promoter, hosting numerous live events to further expand his fan base and influence. He even made appearances on television as host of dance television show The Discophonic Scene to reach even further out into his fan base.

Jerry Blavat possesses a net worth of $1.5 million. He entered the music industry early, first appearing on Bandstand as a teenager in 1953 and soon managing Danny and the Juniors and being Don Rickles’ valet before starting his own radio show in 1960. Subsequently he became partner in Crimson and Lost Nite records as well as co-owning Record Museum record stores before purchasing Memories nightclub in Margate New Jersey in 1972.

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