Disney Princess Bathing Suits

Disney Princess Bathing Suits For Girls on a Budget

When it comes to Disney Princess Swimsuits, there are plenty of cute styles to choose from. Each one features ruffles, pretty prints and character-specific embellishments. They are affordable, too. You can pick up some of these for less than $60. These suits are great for girls on a tight budget!

Mermaid swimwear is even available! Disney has released Enchanted swimwear just in time for the premier of Beauty and the Beast. These are currently only two-piece designs, but the company promises that there will be more designs soon. Two-piece options include Sleeping Beauty in a pink gown, Snow White in a blue swimsuit and Belle in a scalloped top.

If you’re looking for more affordable Disney Princess Swimsuits for girls, you might want to check out Poshmark. The company is a Target Plus partner, so you’ll be able to get a great deal on one of their items. Poshmark is a great option for shopping because they offer free shipping on many of their items, unlike other discount retailers.

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