Disney Princess Brunette

Disney Princess Brunette

Consider becoming a brunette if you are a Disney princess lover and want to stand out from the rest. There are many great options. Belle is the first. She’s the first Disney princess to be a brunette. Nala, the lion Princess, is another one.

The other options are Mulan, Moana, and Tiana. These women are all non-white but have brown hair. They are also brunettes and have brown eyes. Although they are not Disney princesses, they fit the criteria of Disney princesses.

Rapunzel is another option. Although she starts out as a brunette, she eventually becomes a blonde, thanks to magic. In Tangled, she becomes the first Disney Princess with a magical ability. Then, there’s Aurora. Rapunzel is portrayed as a brunette in her movie, but commercial representations show her with long, blonde hair.

Until 1991, Disney didn’t have a brunette princess. Belle from Beauty and the Beast was the first to be born. Other princesses, however, are different. Some have no mom. One has a dependent personality disorder. A few are based on historical figures. Some of these characters have very interesting backgrounds.

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