Does Claire’s Do Belly Button Piercings

Does Claire’s Do Belly Button Piercings?

Does Claire’s do belly button piercing? Although it is possible to have one done in-store, the cost will vary depending on how many you get. You can find out more about their pricing and availability on their website. The cost varies by piercing style, as well as the number of piercings they perform during one session. Find out what jewelry they offer before you go in for a belly piercing.

Aftercare is important, so be sure to use clean water and avoid tight clothing after the piercing. Tight clothing can cause discomfort and pain by catching the ring. Avoid exposing the piercing to the sun. You should also avoid using harsh topicals like vaseline or peroxide. These products can irritate the skin and contain triclosan.

For those over eighteen, belly button piercings may be recommended. Minors should have a parent present for the procedure. If you are under the age of 14, you should not get this piercing, as it is much more likely to get infected.

If you decide to get a belly button piercing, you’ll have to pay more. The depth of your belly button will determine the type of jewelry you choose. For instance, you can choose a stainless steel ring instead of a gold one. You should also remember that additional jewelry and cleaning products will cost extra.

Belly button piercings can range from simple to intricate designs. If you’re looking for a traditional look, you can choose a barbell ring. It will be curved and will be more natural looking than a flat ring. A curved barbell will look better in your navel and will relieve pressure at the piercing site. You can also choose between a helix or conch piercing.

Prices for belly button piercings depend on the experience of the piercer. Generally, hollow needle piercers charge more than those with piercing guns, but their training and experience make them a better option. Hollow needles are also more sanitary and will result in a better piercing. Piercing guns can cause more skin damage than good. They also create scarring and can be painful.

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