Dolly Parton Costume Ideas

Dolly Parton Costume Ideas

A Dolly Parton costume is easy to make at home and doesn’t require much sewing. A western show shirt and some bright colors will do the trick. A pair of petroleum jelly-smeared glasses will help you get the look. Alternatively, you can purchase a doll costume and make it yourself at home.

Dolly Parton is famous for her country girl looks. This costume idea includes a cute, cowgirl outfit complete with a hat, boots, and a red plaid shirt. You can even tie your red plaid shirt to the waist for an added country girl touch. You can also choose a dress with fringe for a more traditional look.

Dolly Parton has worn several iconic looks throughout her career. One of her most memorable was at the Grammy Awards in 1980, when she wore a bright pink cowgirl dress. She had commissioned the costume designer Ann Roth to design her look, which was considered an eccentric style. It stood out from the more modern looks of her costars. She also wore a beaded white dress twice.

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