Dolly Parton Halloween Costume

Dolly Parton Halloween Costume

If you’re looking for a Halloween costume, look no further than the lovely Dolly Parton. Known for her sassy personality and knack for dressing up, the singer once dressed as a lookalike of the candy maker in the 1971 movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Parton wore a red dress with black buttons and a white lace collar and pushed a cart filled with golden eggs.

While many costumers will try to imitate the glamor of Dolly Parton in an authentic cowgirl outfit, there are other ways to look like the country singer. One great idea is to wear a cute cowgirl costume that combines a hat and boots. A red plaid shirt is also a fun way to channel your inner country girl.

Olivia Wilde, who has been dubbed “Dolly Parton,” recently stepped out in a Halloween costume reminiscent of the famous singer. The actress shared a photo of her costume on her Instagram Story. She wore a big blonde wig and blue eye makeup. Her costume also included a multi-colored shirt tied around her fake chest.

Keanu Reeves has also donned a Dolly Parton Halloween costume. During a recent Red Table Talk with his co-stars, the actor opened up about the costume. He also revealed that he once wore her “Bunny” ensemble. The ensemble featured a bustier, earrings, and tights. Reeves’ late mother was a costume designer, and she had a costume for the iconic singer.

Olivia Pope also wore a temporary costume in a concert. The actress was photographed beside the stage while the singer performed. She hung out with a fan during the performance. The temporary outfit is a fun costume idea! In fact, the actress was recently seen wearing a temporary costume during the Harry Styles concert.

Other celebs who attended the event included Andy Cohen, Carey Hart, and Pink, who went trick or treating as astronauts. Another celebrity who attended the party was Heidi Klum, who went as a doctor wearing a white medical coat and matching Crocs. She also went as a tampon.

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