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Dolores Catania Is Dating Paul Connell

In a recent Instagram post, Dolores Catania confirmed she is dating her new boyfriend, Paul Connell. The pair were photographed together and captioned the post with “#love wins” and “together is better than ever.” However, it is not clear how long they’ve been dating.

Since joining the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Dolores hasn’t shied away from talking about her personal life. She has openly discussed her divorce from Frank Catania, which resulted from infidelity. In addition, she has opened up about her relationship with Dr. David Principe, and she shared personal details about her mother Valerie Catania.

Despite her recent separation from Frank, Dolores’ fans have been rooting for her to get back together with her former boyfriend. The two share two children together and are close. They recently became Instagram “official” and fans are excited to see how their relationship will evolve. It is not clear if Dolores will be back together with her ex, but fans will no doubt want to see how things progress.

On Instagram, Dolores has also been open about her relationship with David Principe. She dated the former “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star for several years. In addition to her relationship with David, she has posted a clip about her experiences of moving into her own townhouse and renovating it.

The reality star has previously shared details about her relationship goals with her new partner. She wants her new partner to be respectful of her former husband. Moreover, they should also be respectful towards each other. She is currently 26 years old, while her ex-husband is only 23 years old.

Aside from being a proud mother, Dolores is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist. She is active in the Roots & Wings association, which provides foster-care children with education, skills, and housing. Her son, Lawrence Catania, works as an asset manager at a real estate company in New Jersey.

Dolores Catania has amassed a personal fortune of around $4 million. In addition to that, she also owns two gyms in New Jersey. She has also donated to various nonprofit organizations on her social media. Currently, she is dating Paul Connel, who is a philanthropist.

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