Doritos Triangle Tracker Code

Doritos Launches “Triangle Tracker” Promotion

Doritos launched a nationwide hunt for real-world triangles with their new “Triangle Tracker” promotion. The campaign involves a variety of channels including TikTok, Facebook, and Snapchat. It offers consumers the chance to win a grand prize of $250,000. In addition, the promotion includes an instant-win game and daily and weekly prizes.

Doritos is famous for its triangular chips, and now they are taking this iconic shape to the next level with their newest campaign. The brand is taking over some of its most popular locations to encourage consumers to capture their adventures in TikTok and Snapchat. Consumers who post videos during these takeovers must tag @Doritos to participate in the contest.

As part of the promotion, Doritos is creating a custom Doritos Triangle Island in “Fortnite” to inspire players to find hidden Easter eggs and play classic mini-games. In addition, Doritos is using its own custom lens on Snapchat to track triangles in the real world. Users who discover and capture a triangle are rewarded with a code. These codes are used to unlock exclusive experiences.

The first step to claiming the prize is to log in to Snapchat and click the “Triangle Tracker” lens. This augmented reality lens points at a triangle in the real world and then uses machine learning to identify triangles. Once the Lens finds a triangle, the user is awarded with a code that they can redeem on the Doritos website.

For the next phase of the campaign, Doritos is taking over iconic triangular landmarks across the country. To celebrate the campaign, the company has painted a portion of 101 Marietta Street in Atlanta brilliant orange, and a massive Bass Pro Shop in Memphis. Today, the brand has also taken over a building on West 57th Street in New York.

The second part of the campaign includes a weekly challenge in the TikTok app. Consumers who complete the weekly challenge are eligible to win a $15,000 bounty. They are also entitled to enter the grand prize draw for a trip to the MTV Video Music Awards in 2023. A third stage of the promotion includes a promotion on Xbox. Those who complete the promotion will be entered into a sweepstakes for a free Doritos Nachos and Xbox games.

Doritos is partnering with several popular brands to create the campaign. Guess Originals and Vivid Seats are among the brands involved in the campaign. Both brands have logos that are triangular. By incorporating these brands into the campaign, Doritos recognizes consumers’ desire for a more engaging brand experience. Similarly, the brand has created a custom lens for use on Snapchat that turns any triangle into Doritos.

Lastly, Doritos is partnering with Xbox to give players the opportunity to enter a sweepstakes for a $250,000. Players will be able to claim an Xbox controller skin, an Xbox controller, and a set of GUESS Originals. Ultimately, the giveaway is aimed at encouraging people to try out the augmented reality feature and see what they can learn about the brand.

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