Doubling Down With The Derricos Derricos Do Disney

Doubling Down With the Derricos

Doubling Down With the Derricos is a reality TV show starring a super-sized family. In the eighth episode of season three, the Derrico family goes to Disney World. Karen Derrico has lost seven children to miscarriages, so she and her husband, Deon, have been looking for ways to have more children. The result is a super-sized family.

Deon Derrico was very prepared for the trip to Disney World and insisted that everyone read the itinerary before jumping on a ride. He says going over Disney World in a systematic way is the key to success. Deon was preparing for a proposal to Karen and wanted to renew their vows.

The Derricos’ financial situation is not good. They have lost their home and have fourteen children. Their Disney trip and vow renewal were expensive. However, the show may be able to cover the cost of the trip. This would allow the Derricos to spend more time with their children, including their fourteen-year-old daughter.

Deon Derrico has filed for bankruptcy five times, and Karen Derrico has continued to add children. In April, Deon proposed to his wife Karen Derrico during a family vacation in Florida. The two also took their boys to the Star Wars theme parks while they were there. They also went dress shopping, where Karen Derrico looked just like a Disney princess. Although the Derrico family isn’t the typical family dynamic, the couple has made the wedding ceremony a grand celebration. On Instagram, they shared photos from the ceremony.

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