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The Dougherty Dozen – A Mom of 10 and a TikTok Star

As a mom of 10 and a TikTok star, Alicia Dougherty has made a fortune on the TikTok app. She has amassed over six hundred and eighty videos and is making PS1,140 a day. She has even started her own YouTube channel, called the Dougherty Dozen.

The Dougherty Dozen are social media stars who want more couples to adopt children from foster care. They have ten children in total: six adopted and four biological. Their TikTok username is @doughertydozen, and they have over 1.2 million followers and more than two and a half million YouTube views.

The Dougherty family includes 10 children between two and 14 years old, a dog, and chickens. The family was recently visited by Spectrum News on a school day. While some of the children attend full-time school, others participate in part-time online classes. A few even participate in fully-remote learning.

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