Dread Locks

How to Get Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are a type of hairstyle that involves braiding or locking your hair in a pattern. These styles are very popular and can give your hair a unique look. They are especially appealing to women and people of color. They can also be called locs or dreads. The process is very simple, and requires little to no maintenance.

The first step in dreadlocks is to wash your hair thoroughly. You should use a good, residue-free shampoo. Then, you should blow-dry your hair in all directions to provide volume. Once your hair is dry, you can start the locking process. Divide your hair horizontally, starting a part about two to three inches above the nape. Then, pick up a section that is an inch wide and use a sectioning clip to hold up the rest of your hair.

While dreadlocks can be maintained easily, you should keep in mind that you should shampoo your hair regularly and cut it often. If you do not cut your dreadlocks regularly, you can end up with a mess of mats and scalp sores. Using a good clarifying shampoo and apple cider vinegar rinse will help you keep your dreads clean and manageable. Keeping dreads clean will make them last longer and help you avoid problems with scalp and hair loss.

Before becoming popular, dreadlocks were associated with the Rastafarian movement and Reggae music. These music icons brought the look into mainstream culture. Many believe that wearing dreadlocks is a sign of strength, and that they symbolize the Lion of Judah. They also claim that locking hair strengthens the mind and spirit.

Sectioning the hair is another important step in dreadlocks. Sectioning it into square sections will help the entire process come together. Using a comb, divide the hair into sections that are about an inch wide. From there, backcomb each section until it reaches the scalp. After that, you should apply dread wax to smooth out any loose strands and bind them together. For more advanced dreadlocks, you can use rubber bands to secure the sections.

Despite the growing popularity of dreadlocks, the style is still not accepted by everyone. Some people who have them have faced discrimination. In a recent controversy, an actress and singer named Zendaya Wilson was criticized for wearing dreadlocks. However, the actress later apologized for her comments.

The process of creating a dreadlock depends on the type of hair. Comb coils are best for people with thick kinky hair. They are bouncy and dynamic, but most people can’t do this on their own. It can take hours or even days. However, a professional can help you create a dread with this type of texture.

While dreadlocks are not considered fashionable in modern society, they have many religious significance. The biblical character Sampson, for example, was famous for wearing dreadlocks on his head. Similarly, the 6th century CE depicts a version of Shiva called a Kapalika. Dreadlocks are often associated with Hindu deities and are a symbol of spiritual practice.

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