How to Grow Dreadlocks

The first step in growing dreadlocks is to wash your hair thoroughly. You will want to use a sulfate-free shampoo for this process to ensure healthy strands. You will then want to blow-dry your locks from all sides so that they have a lot of volume. When your hair is dry, you can begin braiding it. To begin braiding, start by sectioning off 1 inch sections and securing them with elastics at the ends.

Washing your dreads regularly will help prevent dryness and itchiness. You can also try using a clarifying shampoo or an apple cider vinegar rinse to prevent dread hair from becoming mattified and frizzy. A good daily gel or oil can also help prevent white residue and keep your dreads looking neat and healthy. While washing, be sure to massage your scalp well with the soapy water to ensure that the knots are not too tight or knotted.

If you have thick kinky hair, consider a comb coil. The result is a look that’s dynamic, bouncy, and long-lasting. While most people cannot create comb coils themselves, a professional will be able to help you get a perfect result. Another option is freeform dreads. These look elaborate and are perfect for those who want to showcase their urban lifestyle.

Dreadlocks are a great look and have a rich history. They were first mentioned in Indian writings 3800 years ago, and were worn by many ancient people, including cavemen and Egyptians. The term was later coined by the Rastafari movement in Jamaica. Although most people associated dreadlocks with African culture, there are now people of all races flaunting the hairstyle.

A man’s dreads can be anything from a simple twisted bun to a more intricate twisted dreadstyle. If you are not ready to commit to a dreads haircut, you can try an updo to conceal the rest of the hair. If you want to add a little color to your dreads, you can dye them a vibrant color like yellow or red. This will create a dramatic contrast and make you stand out from the crowd.

Growing dreads requires a lot of patience. It can take years for your locs to grow to your shoulders, so be prepared to put in some time. However, the reward will come when your dreadlocks reach maturity. You’ll also be less likely to need to keep combing and brushing them as they get older.

Some cultures use dreadlocks as a symbol of spiritual devotion. Ethiopian priests have worn dreads for hundreds of years. Buddhists and Hindus have also donned matted locks to show their devotion to their gods. Some tribes in Namibia and Angola also wear dreadlocks.

Mature dreadlocks require different hair care products. Hot oil treatments can prevent them from drying out and gels or salt water “accelerators” can tighten individual locks. Natural shampoos are also good choices.

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