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Dreamboy Podcast Review

The Dreamboy podcast is a weird, oddball podcast about dreams and reality. It’s an experience that requires attentive listening and multiple listens to fully appreciate. The podcast makes use of rhythm, music, and a sense of strangeness to convey the feeling of being inside a dream. The goal is to make you feel as if you’re actually dreaming, and it achieves that goal almost too well.

Dreamboy is an excellent example of literary podcasting. It’s a story about the strange and the mysterious, and it builds on this suspense through a slow, steady build of unease. And while sometimes the format is a hindrance, the writing is beautiful and literary, and the listener is never left feeling rushed.

The Dreamboy podcast is an audio drama created by Dane Terry and Ellie Heyman. It follows the story of Dane, a gay musician from New York, who moves to an isolated house in fictional Pepper Heights, Ohio, to find inspiration for his next album. In order to get some inspiration, he finds a job at the local zoo, but things don’t turn out as he imagines.

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