Eboh George

Eboh George, Popularly Known As Eboh George, Shot Dead on Tuesday, October 11

On Tuesday, October 11th, Eboh George, a well-known content creator from Nigeria was among those tragically shot and killed by gunmen in Nigeria. He is just one of many diaspora returnees to be killed by assailants there.

On March 31st, 30 year-old father of one was reportedly shooting a documentary in Benue and Enugu state when he and another traveler were ambushed at four corners junction along the Enugu-Umuahia Expressway. Unfortunately, he was shot and killed, while his companion was kidnapped.

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Achievements and Honors

On Tuesday October 11th, Eboh George, a travel content creator based in Asaba was tragically killed while travelling to Benue and Enugu state for filming when his vehicle was ambushed at four corners junction along the Enugu-Umuahia Expressway. He was shot along with another traveler while others were kidnapped, according to reports.

George was an renowned scholar, the founding member of the Japan-America Society of Indiana and 50 year faculty member in IU History Department where he taught modern Japanese intellectual and cultural history, nationalism and revolution in Japan as well as East Asian history. Additionally he promoted international awareness by serving on board of Midwest Universities Consortium for International Activities; consultant to Ford Foundation; and in 2003 was awarded with Order of Rising Sun by Japanese government for his services in promoting Japanese culture.

Personal Life

George Chigozie Eboh, better known by his stage name ebohgeorge, was a travel content creator who left his wife and child abroad to return to Nigeria with the aim of sharing Igboland and other parts of Nigeria through videos. On Tuesday, October 11th while returning home from Benue and Enugu states after filming for his videos, George tragically passed away during a shootout.

Sources have reported that he was one of many passengers ambushed at four corners junction along Enugu-Umuahia Expressway and shot dead on the spot. Another traveler was also taken hostage. Although not an official vlogger, his videos garnered widespread attention across social media – his Facebook page now boasts over one million followers.

Net Worth

Eboh George’s net worth remains unknown. He was an Asaba-based vlogger and content creator who produced documentaries that showcased people in different parts of Nigeria. On Tuesday, October 11th while traveling along Enugu-Umuahia Expressway by gunmen who ambushed him and others, gunmen shot him dead alongside another traveler as they fled Benue and Enugu state. After leaving his wife and son behind abroad, George returned home with plans of showing off Nigeria through videos. May his soul rest in peace – may his soul rest in peace

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