Eboni Wiley

Eboni Wiley’s Family Criticizes Her Sentencing

Eboni Wiley, 22, pleaded guilty to providing false information to investigators during the missing-person case. She was sentenced to six months in jail and five years on probation. However, her family has criticized her sentencing, saying it is too light. They say Wiley was a mother-like figure to Felecia, who disappeared in August of 2015. In court, Wiley said she met Granville Ritchie a few days before Felecia disappeared.

According to Wiley, Ritchie was in the apartment with Felecia the night that Felecia went missing. Wiley was not home, and Ritchie claimed Felecia had run away while she was taking a shower. Ritchie’s mother was also in the apartment when the incident took place. The two were spotted together in the bathroom. Then, Wiley returned home to find Ritchie shirtless. When she confronted Ritchie, she was shocked.

Wiley was a friend of Williams’ mother, and she was tasked with purchasing marijuana for Ritchie. She later told Ritchie that she was sorry and accepted that she made a mistake. Ritchie also suggested that Felecia take counseling. The two friends then made plans to sell marijuana.

Wiley lied to the police and the family about the disappearance of Felecia Williams. The woman has since gone on to live with the constant threat of prison. She also testified as the state’s star witness during Granville Ritchie’s trial, which resulted in his conviction and sentence. Ritchie is currently on death row for killing the girl.

Eboni Wiley testified as a key witness at the trial of Granville Ritchie. Wiley had begun dating Ritchie in 2014, and testified that she took 9-year-old Felicia Williams to his apartment on the night of her disappearance. She claimed she left her daughter alone with Ritchie while she went out to buy marijuana.

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