Ebony Models

Ebony Models

A Swedish model by the name of Ebony Anderberg demonstrates a diverse background and a passion for beauty and fashion. She took up an opportunity to model from a Swedish talent agency, but at such a young age, it was difficult to balance her studies with her modeling career. Ebony is a multi-racial model with an interesting background.

Ebony’s September Fall Fashion issue features six beautiful models of African descent. They include Winnie Harlow, Fatima Siad, Diandra Forrest, Marquita Pring, and Samantha Archibald, all former contestants of America’s Next Top Model. The magazine recently announced the renewal of the show for its 22nd season, which makes the future of African-American models bright.

The Ebony Fashion Fair is one of the world’s largest fashion shows. The event was created in 1956. Its first show was held at the Civic Auditorium in Chicago. Veteran commentator Jade Collins guided the models as they showcased high-fashion styles from leading designers. Under the twinkling lights, the models strutted their stuff to today’s most popular tunes.

Ebony has a long history of showcasing the beauty of African-American women. From the first black actress to the first woman mannequin, the magazine has given the black community a more diverse look. It has also been instrumental in promoting African-American culture. Through its many magazines, it has provided more exposure to black models and artists.

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