Eddie Gallagher Net Worth

Eddie Gallagher Net Worth – Veteran of the Navy SEALs

Gallagher answered his lifelong calling of service by joining the Navy SEALs shortly after graduating high school, becoming platoon leader during house-to-house fighting against ISIS in Mosul, Iraq.

He was charged with killing an ISIS prisoner of war and targeting civilians with a sniper rifle; his case gained national prominence when President Trump intervened on his behalf.

Early Life and Education

Gallagher answered his lifelong calling to serve his nation and continued a family tradition by joining the Navy right after graduating high school. Soon thereafter he became a United States Navy SEAL achieving chief petty officer status while earning numerous combat and meritorious service medals along the way.

After being accused of war crimes for taking a photo with a dead jihadist, his fellow sailors rallied in his defense, alleging that Navy leadership unlawfully leaked classified information, withheld exonerating evidence, and monitored legal advice given to him.

Gallagher emerged victorious in his lengthy public battle and was found not guilty on all charges for posing for a picture with the dead teenager, prompting them to make reforming military justice their goal. Now free, Gallagher is on a mission to reform it.

Professional Career

Eddie Gallagher honed his skills during several tours of duty as a Navy SEAL, earning multiple medals of valor during combat and becoming well-known worldwide as a result. Additionally, he received various degrees in various fields.

Gallagher’s case garnered widespread media coverage in the US after he was charged with ten offenses related to allegations that he killed an injured ISIS prisoner and posed for photos with their corpse, before eventually being cleared in court-martial. He was ultimately cleared on all counts.

Retired SEAL John Killian is currently at the forefront of a media and book campaign to defend himself against allegations against him, and needs your support as the Navy SEALs Fund – Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield raises money to assist in paying the cost of his defense.

Achievement and Honors

Gallagher served eight overseas combat deployments and earned two Bronze Star medals with valor during his career, in addition to holding onto one of the coveted training slots with the SEAL team.

Gallagher made headlines nationwide when military prosecutors charged him with war crimes after he allegedly killed an injured Islamic State prisoner of war, took a selfie with their corpse, then texted it out. Gallagher’s legal team and wife Andrea rallied support behind their client.

President Donald Trump reversed the decision to demote him and reinstated his rank, keeping his Trident pin as a sign of honor as an ex-Navy SEAL. After retiring on November 30th he now serves on “fleet reserve”; thus preventing calls back into active service unless war comes into play.

Personal Life

Eddie Gallagher and Andrea, his wife, recently relocated from Florida’s 30A area after his retirement as a Navy SEAL. Here they enjoy retirement while supporting service members, police, first responders and military families.

He gained national attention in 2018 when he was charged with war crimes for allegedly stabbing to death an injured teenage ISIS prisoner and posing for photos with their corpse. President Trump took an interest in this case from its inception, ordering Gallagher be released from confinement.

A jury found him not guilty on all charges and restored his rank with the Navy. His ordeal has been an endurance test; both he and his family have shown resilience during this ordeal.

Net Worth

Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher stands as an icon and true warrior, having won numerous awards and medals for his service to our nation in numerous conflicts and wars.

His work has earned him worldwide fame. He boasts an enormous social media following, serving as an inspiration to millions around the globe.

He has also published the popular book ‘The Man in the Arena.’ In a recent interview, he stated that his former SEAL teammates who have accused him of war crimes and stabbing an ISIS prisoner to death are cowards and weak; further criticizing military’s judicial system.

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