El Coyote New Milford

El Coyote New Milford

El Coyote has been around since 1998 and is a family affair. The restaurant has seating for about 80 inside and out and employs 36 people. Chef Carlos Axilote opened the original restaurant in Queens. His brother is also a business partner. Both locations employ Axilote’s sisters, and the main chefs at Brookfield and Monroe are his brothers-in-law. The Brookfield location features a large mural depicting his family as mariachis in a desert scene.

El Coyote is a family affair

El Coyote is a Los Angeles institution that is a family affair. It was founded in 1969 by George and Blanche Salisbury, who also operated the restaurant at one point. Blanche was known as “Mrs. March.” George died in 1965, but Blanche oversaw the restaurant until her death at the age of 88. Blanche was then replaced by her daughter, Christofferson.

El Coyote’s family tree goes back even farther, to the earliest years of the American West. The first El Coyote was named after the woman who founded it. Blanche March was a generous, outgoing woman, who had moved to Los Angeles from Arizona just before the Great Depression hit. She had a vision of opening a restaurant in her hometown, a neighborhood with a high concentration of Mexican and Spanish immigrants.

It can seat about 80 inside and out

El Coyote New Milford is a colorful and unique Mexican restaurant that has been open for just a month. It seats about 80 people inside and out and is located in Lore’s Plaza on Route 7. The restaurant is 4,800 square feet and has murals on the walls. It is also home to a stuffed coyote, named after the restaurant’s owner’s father. The restaurant opened in October. Owner Rolando Axilote is originally from Mexico and has been in the restaurant business since 1984.

Located in a former vacant space in Garrison, El Coyote serves lunch and dinner. It replaced The Stadium, a Mexican restaurant that had been open for 18 years. The restaurant offers a wide variety of Mexican food including their signature Coyote Bowl. It features beans, corn, guacamo, chicken, and chorizo.

It offers a variety of entrees

El Coyote is a new Mexican restaurant that opened in the former Garrison Stadium, serving lunch and dinner. The restaurant offers authentic Mexican dishes, as well as a more sophisticated menu, including salmon and paella. Its menu also features dishes that are good for vegetarians.

The food at El Coyote New Milford is fresh and made using only the finest ingredients. This Mexican restaurant offers a variety of entrees and brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

It employs 36 people

El Coyote New Milford is a Mexican restaurant with a unique menu. The restaurant is located in Lore’s Plaza on Route 7 and has four,800 square feet of space and 150 seats. The restaurant is brightly colored and features murals on the walls. It is also home to a stuffed coyote that honors the founder’s father. In October, the owner, Rolando Axilote, opened his third El Coyote restaurant in Connecticut.

The owners and employees of El Coyote New Milford got into the Dia de los Muertos celebration. Employees made large flowers and other decorations and brought them from home. One employee has been decorating the lobby window for the past thirty years.

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