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Elizabeth Taylor

Born in London, Elizabeth Taylor grew up in Los Angeles. Her parents were American citizens, and her father, an art dealer, was well connected with the Hollywood elite. Her mother, an actress, trained her for a career on the stage. After World War II, her family returned to the US and settled in Los Angeles. Her father met the Universal Pictures chairman and introduced her to roles. She passed the screen test and landed her first leading role in The French Lieutenant’s Woman (1943).

Her career continued to improve when MGM decided to give her more enjoyable roles. After starring in Giant (1956), she earned a Golden Globe for Best Actress and appeared in two adaptations of Tennessee Williams’s Jane Eyre. Then, in 1959, she starred in BUtterfield 8, which earned her the Academy Award for Best Actress.

Her career skyrocketed after this. She was named the highest-paid movie star in 1963 after accepting a $1 million contract to play the title role of “Cleopatra”. She also starred in a number of television movies, such as “Suspect,” “The Taming of the Shrew,” which co-starred Richard Burton. Burton and Taylor were married at the time, but their affair caused an international scandal.

In later life, Taylor devoted herself to a number of charities, including AIDS research. Despite her deteriorating health, she continued acting until her death. Her granddaughter continues to work as an AIDS activist and hopes to raise awareness about the disease. She will be missed as the beautiful and larger-than-life woman she was.

Elizabeth Taylor had a turbulent personal life and struggled with concurrent addictions. She starred in a number of films as an adult, including “Life with Father” (1947), “Father of the Bride” (1950), “An American Tragedy” (1951), and “Elephant Walk” (1954). In addition, she became close friends with the actor Eddie Fisher, and he was best man for her wedding to Mike Todd in 1959.

Elizabeth Taylor’s career was up and down. Despite the setbacks, she continued to act, and she starred in television shows and stage productions. Elizabeth Taylor was the second woman after Sophia Loren to launch a perfume line. In her later years, the actress focused on her philanthropy, launching the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation and the American Foundation for AIDS Research.

Elizabeth Taylor was a mother to four children, two of whom were adopted. Two sons grew up in New Mexico, and her daughter was adopted from Germany. Her adopted daughter, Maria, was a model and actress as an adult. She appeared on the cover of Life magazine fourteen times.

Elizabeth Taylor loved being in the spotlight. She enjoyed the makeup, costumes, and attention that came with her work. She was so beautiful that Hedda Hopper declared her the most beautiful woman in the world at age 15. Throughout her career, she starred in films such as Little Women, A Place in the Sun, and Father of the Bride. In her later years, she developed a reputation as a temperamental actress, despite her good looks. As a result, she was often a demanding figure in public life.

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