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A Look at Shane Battier and Eloise Battier

Once graduating from Detroit Country Day School and Duke, Battier went on to play professional basketball for Miami Heat – helping them capture two NBA championships during his time there.

He later went on to play for Memphis Grizzlies and Houston Rockets, meeting Heidi while in seventh grade at DCDS. Heidi and Zeke met later that same year.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Shane Battier, an American former professional basketball player who won two NBA championships over thirteen seasons of play. A graduate of Detroit Country Day School and Duke University, Battier currently works as the director of basketball development and analytics for Miami Heat while being featured as an ESPN commentator.

LeBron James often praised Battier for his defensive prowess, citing how he regularly guarded some of the league’s most dangerous offensive players. Additionally, Battier took pride in creating and running his Take Charge Foundation that gives four-year scholarships worth $20,000 to students facing financial hardship in Miami, Houston, and Detroit areas.

Battier is married to Heidi Ufer and is raising two children together: Zeke Edward Battier and Eloise. Together they reside in Coral Gables where they remain active members of their community, volunteering at Ransom Everglades School and St Thomas Episcopal School among other places.

Achievement and Honors

As part of her first year at school, she joined both the girls rugby and netball teams – taking on both was a big commitment but one which ultimately paid off.

Shane Battier and Sheila Battier have become well-known for their charitable and philanthropic efforts since forming the Battier Take Charge Foundation in 2010. Since then, this charity has made an impactful statement through four year scholarships offered to outstanding students living in Miami, Detroit and Houston communities.

Battier and his wife reside in Coral Gables, Florida with their two children – son Zeke and daughter Eloise – where he recently retired from NBA play to spend more time with family and focus on his foundation.

Personal Life

Shane Battier is an iconic basketball player known for his incredible abilities both on and off the court. He has won championships both college and professional levels and established the Battier Take Charge Foundation.

Battier Foundation is dedicated to aiding underprivileged youth by providing resources that assist in their academic success. Battioke Memphis is also held annually as part of their fundraising event program.

Battier has also made strides to join the business world through his charitable work and being part of D1 Sports Training Memphis as well as being on the board at Yext.

Heidi Ufer was his high school sweetheart, and they share two children: Zeke and Eloise. Together they reside in Coral Gables, Florida where their close family unit fosters strong ties.

Net Worth

Shane Battier amassed considerable wealth during his 13-year NBA career. He signed multiple endorsement deals and featured advertisements that further expanded his wealth, while winning various awards and championships during that period.

Heidi Ufer and Shane Battier founded “The Battier Take Charge Foundation” to assist underprivileged children. They reside in South Florida with their two children Zeke and Eloise.

Shane has chosen 7 as their Life Path Number. Individuals with this number tend to be deeply self-aware and open to diverse beliefs and faiths, making him likely to follow Buddhism but keeping specific details private about himself and his beliefs. Shane lives within a close-knit family unit which likely contributes to their happiness and success.

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