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Ernie Els Earnings Expectations

When ELS reports earnings, traders carefully monitor its stock for its anticipated direction of movement – this can be seen by looking at the blue interval on the chart below.

Directional traders need to have a sense of the expected move’s magnitude before choosing an options strategy to employ.

Achievement and Honors

Statewide, there was an overall rise in the proportion of English Learners (ELs) scoring proficient or above proficient on grade 4 mathematics and grade 8 mathematics tests; however, on a district-by-district level this data can be more mixed: some districts saw performance considerably above or below national standards for ELs.

The group of English Language Learners (ELs) is also not static: successful students often change classes while less successful ones remain, and new ELs enter each grade level population. Given these dynamics, it’s vital to analyze data longitudinally for best results.

The analysis presented below uses state-level NAEP assessment data to illustrate changes in English Language Learner proficiency rates since 2009. Additionally, district-level information regarding their performance across 27 urban districts that participated in the 2017 Trial Urban District Assessment (TUDA).

Personal Life

Ernie Els is one of the world’s best-known and successful golfers, earning fame through lucrative brand endorsement deals and tournament wins that generate significant annual revenues. Additionally, Els has pursued entrepreneurial ventures including starting his own golf course design business.

Els is both an accomplished golfer and generous philanthropist, having founded the Els and Fancourt Foundation to encourage underprivileged youth participation in golf, and ASM Scholarships as a college recruiting service to assist athletes from around the globe secure athletic scholarships at American universities.

In 2012, he won the Open Championship, joining Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson as winners of that revered tournament. Since joining PGA Tour Champions in 2020 – winning both Hoag Classic and SAS Championship tournaments since – he has won 28 titles on that tour as well.

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