Eminem Smile

How to Make Eminem Smile

If you’ve ever seen Eminem’s photos, you’ve probably noticed that the rapper rarely smiles. It used to be that he smiled a lot, especially during his days with DeShaun Holton. But after he went on a four-year hiatus and relapsed into a state of despondency, it was not uncommon to see him in photos that were barely smiling.

There’s no doubt that Eminem had a tough childhood. His mother and stepfather were drug addicts. Eminem’s upbringing is well documented in his music and movies, but his grin was always an odd one. He’s known for his stern expression, and a Hollywood-style grin would have been odd.

However, he has recently started smiling more. The reason for this is unclear. While he may not smile much these days, he’s been photographed smiling with his kids and after receiving an award. However, when it comes to professional pictures, Eminem never smiles. Perhaps he thinks he looks better without a smile.

A Facebook user, Mike Brown, has a new way to make the rapper smile. He posts pictures of Eminem before and after he uses Photoshop. Brown’s Facebook intro says that his goal is to “make someone smile every day.” The result of this transformation is a hilarious compilation of the rapper’s photos.

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