Emma Chamberlain Birkenstocks

Emma Chamberlain and the Birkenstock Trend

In the spring of 2019, Emma Chamberlain made Birkenstocks and scrunchies fashionable again. The fashion blogger, along with other YouTube stars like Hannah Meloche and Ellie Thumann, tapped into the trend, and her style quickly became a hit with teenage girls. Since moving to Los Angeles in June, Chamberlain has embraced the urban look. She wore graphic tees over long sleeves, jean shorts with longer ins, and she even made her Birkenstocks look chic and trendy.

Birkenstock Boston clogs are a versatile shoe that combines comfort with a casual, relaxed look. The adjustable buckle strap allows you to wear them with or without socks. The shoes are made to be worn with a variety of outfits, from skinny jeans to ripped jeans.

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