Erica Escarcega

Erica Escarcega Net Worth and Personal Life

Erica Escarcega, better known by her screen name of Slayyy Hailey, hails from the United States of America and became famous on both Instagram and TikTok by uploading lip-sync videos of varied content on both platforms.

Erica Shaw is married to American rapper Todd Anthony Shaw, also known by his stage name Too Short. Together they share one daughter named Octavia Shaw.

Early Life and Education

Erica Escarcega was born October 20th 1980 in the United States to American parents and was raised alongside siblings. She completed both primary and secondary education at local schools before continuing on to one of the top universities, graduating with both elementary school graduate certificates as well as high school graduate certificates along with her Bachelors Degree.

She is currently married to Todd Anthony Shaw, also known by his stage name Too Short. They share one daughter named Octavia Shaw.

Too Short is one of the founding rappers of West Coast Hip Hop and an accomplished street performer. His lyrics often touch upon drug use, prostitution and pimping – themes which Too Short himself often addresses through his songs on his 17-album discography.

Professional Career

Erica Escarcega is an emergency medicine doctor in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and affiliated with multiple hospitals including St Luke’s University Hospital-Bethlehem Campus and St Luke’s Hospital-Miners Campus.

She prefers to keep details about her professional career private and prefers staying out of the limelight, although she holds both a bachelor’s degree in nursing and emergency medical practitioner licenses.

Todd Anthony Shaw, commonly known by his stage name ‘Too Short’ entered hip hop scene during 1980s and is widely recognized as one of its pioneer rappers. His rap lyrics revolve around drugs, prostitution and pimping with over 17 albums released and being an active singer/actor too.

Personal Life

Erica Escarcega prefers to keep her personal life private and her only claim to fame is as the wife of Too Short (Todd Anthony Shaw). Too Short first emerged on the hip-hop scene during the 1980s, writing songs about drugs, prostitution and pimping.

He has drawn controversy due to the overt misogyny present in his lyrics; nonetheless, his success has earned him an impressive fan base of female listeners.

“Blow My Whistle” hitmaker Jason Aldean had no children from his first marriage; however, in 2018 he welcomed daughter Yanni with on-and-off partner Sue Ivey – his first child born by that union.

Erica hails from a mixed racial heritage, sporting brown eyes and short Afro hair. She enjoys playing video games and watching movies; also playing hockey and cricket as sports; taking evening trips especially ones starting around 6 PM are some of her favorites.

Net Worth

Though she does not disclose much information regarding her net worth, it’s safe to assume she possesses significant wealth. As a successful TikTok and Instagram star who posts lip-sync videos with various topics and posts with millions of followers worldwide, her follower count is considerable and she makes good money through content and advertisements.

Too Short is an American rapper and record producer known for rap songs such as “The Ghetto” and “Blow the Whistle.” Additionally, he is known to shower his loved ones with gifts.

His previous girlfriends include Monica Payne and Karrine Steffans; however, he and Erica Escarcega have been happily married since 2000, producing one daughter together named Javoni Christina and living in Los Angeles, California.

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