Erika Jayne No Makeup

Erika Jayne Goes Makeup-Free While Pumping Gas

Erika Jayne went makeup-free this weekend while pumping gas in Los Angeles. She was seen with her hair messy and no makeup, while wearing black leggings and a blue graphic t-shirt. The actress went with white sneakers and cat-eye sunglasses to complete her look. The photos went viral and were criticized by some RHOBH fans.

The actress shared the photo on Twitter after a fan shared it. The critic captioned it, “The face you wear when Papa Tom cuts your allowance because of his lawsuits.” In a similar vein, Erika Jayne has been mocked for being a “mom” who doesn’t use makeup.

In the meantime, she’s also dealing with a messy divorce. She and her ex-husband, Tom Girardi, have split after accusations of embezzlement surfaced. Their marriage had lasted 21 years, but her finances are at a rock-bottom. In addition to the lawsuit, she filed for divorce last year. According to the lawsuit, Jayne and Girardi embezzled millions of dollars.

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