Erin And Chad Paine New House 2020

Erin and Chad Paine Move to Florida

Erin and Chad Paine have announced that they are moving. Not only have they found a new house, but they have also picked a state to settle in. They will be moving to Florida. Chad is from Oklahoma, but his parents are currently living in Brooksville, Florida, which is north of Tampa and west of Orlando. In the video, Chad and Erin commented that they would be living about 50 minutes from Alyssa.

The Paine family already has four children. Their oldest, Carson, is five. Their other children are Everly Hope, three, and two years old. Their youngest is a girl named Brooklyn Elise. Their fourth child, Finley Marie, will be born in January. The Paines have four children in total, and are planning to have a fifth in 2019. Their new home will be perfect for a family of six.

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