Esme Benjamin

Esme Benjamin

Esme Benjamin is an award-winning writer and editor specializing in wellness culture and travel journalism. Currently serving as US Wellness Editor at Culture Trip, her editorial work has appeared in publications like ELLE, Conde Nast Traveler, Refinery29, SELF as well as British “glossies” Red, Grazia & Telegraph Magazines.

Benjamin is one of the youngest members of an Egyptian coven and was played by Rami Malek in Breaking Dawn: Part 2. His abilities include altering alchemical elements such as earth, air, water and fire to his advantage.

Early Life and Education

Esme is an approachable person with strong maternal instincts. She loves her adoptive children dearly, particularly Bella. When Bella becomes a vampire, Esme welcomes her into their family immediately and treats her like an adopted daughter.

Esme is concerned about Bella’s pregnancy posing a threat to her life, but sides with Edward and Rosalie in protecting the unborn baby. Esme stands firm that no harm should come to Esme or her family from Volturi forces.

Esme is an integral part of Jasper and Alice Cullen’s fight with the Volturi in Breaking Dawn. When Jasper and Alice return home to Forks, Esme quickly embraces them tightly with great excitement as she had previously believed they had abandoned their family; her fears proved unfounded though.

Professional Career

Esme is an active member of the Cullen family and displays genuine affection towards Bella, Edward, Alice, Rosalie and Jasper. Furthermore, Esme forms strong connections with Jacob’s pack; she even offered them refuge during their fight against the newborn army.

She has become adept at managing newborns and has taught Carlisle and Emmett how to battle them. Though she cannot control her bloodlust, she has managed to prevent many bloodsheds.

As a wellness and travel editor, her work has been published in publications like ELLE, Conde Nast Traveler, Refinery29, SELF and Trip Advisor. An article she wrote about relationship therapy retreats was optioned for scripted television. In addition to writing, she is also an author with her debut book being “The Kindred”. Lastly she dances professionally as well.

Achievement and Honors

Esme is an award-winning writer and journalist specializing in wellbeing culture travel (plus any other topic that catches her fancy). Her editorial work can be found in publications like ELLE, Conde Nast Traveler, Refinery29, SELF Well&Good Trip Advisor. In addition, Esme has written for brands like Class Pass and Under Armour.

Benjamin is part of an Egyptian coven led by Amun. His special power allows him to physically affect air, earth and water alchemically; Amun kept him imprisoned underground temple for five years, but eventually had enough self-control not to use him as a weapon by Volturi, instead choosing instead to join Renesmee Cullen and protect her with her Cullen family guardians.

Tia has remained loyal during his transformation and first hunt as a vampire, trying to convince him to leave the coven but without success. She even attempts to convince him not to join, yet he refuses.

Personal Life

Esme and Carlisle welcomed Bella with open arms when she returned with Edward to Forks, welcoming her into their family as part of Esme’s family unit. Carlisle even took steps to provide Jacob and his pack with food, shelter and clean clothes.

Benjamin is an Egyptian coven member created by Amun, with an ability to physically manipulate alchemical elements. He shares an insecure bond with Kebi, his mate.

As soon as he meets Bella, he is immediately impressed by her beauty and warmth; he describes her as being like Snow White from childhood memories. Bella welcomes him into her family with open arms; all her other adopted children love and accept him just as she does him.

Net Worth

Esme Benjamin is an author, editor and broadcaster whose work focuses on wellbeing and travel. Her articles have appeared in publications such as ELLE, Conde Nast Traveler, Refinery29 and SELF as well as British “glossies” such as Red Grazia & Telegraph Magazine. Additionally she hosts The Trip That Changed Me interview-format podcast about the transformative power of travel.

He has appeared on various TV Series such as PJ Masks as Greg/Gekko. Additionally, he boasts 10 film credits to his name.

He hails from Canada [birth date unknown] and is famous on social media Instagram with over 1 Million Followers & 65,000 Likes on his account. A talented actor with an extraordinary future ahead.

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