Eva Marcille Teeth

Eva Marcille Teeth Revealed

Eva Marcelle of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta finally revealed her new smile after spending a few thousand dollars on new choppers. The actress has had her new choppers completely remodeled. The new choppers, which are larger than her old ones made her face look completely different. Unfortunately, Twitter wasn’t too happy with the results. Some people said the new choppers looked too big and like she had an overbite.

Eva Marcille, a former winner of America’s Next Top Model, is also a co-star on the reality television series Real Housewives of Atlanta. She recently posted a photo of her new teeth on Instagram, and it quickly caught the attention of fans and media outlets. Fans quickly responded to her post with mixed comments.

Despite the mixed reaction to Marcille’s new teeth, many fans still believe the actress had great teeth before getting dental work. While some fans said her teeth were fine before the work, others expressed concern that the actress felt she needed to have cosmetic dental work to look good. Marcille’s teeth were beautiful before the work, but some fans claimed that the changes made them even more so.

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